Sonny Borrelli

Far-right Republican extremist member of the Arizona Senate, representing the 30th district. He is the Senate Majority Leader. Borrelli formerly served in the Arizona House of Representatives as a representative of District 5, from January 14, 2013, to January 9, 2017.

Arizona Senate Panel Ignores Own Attorney, OKs Bills Attacking Trans Students And Drag Queens

Elias Weiss / Phoenix New Times

Mar. 1, 2023

Relentless Republicans advanced three anti-LGBTQ bills to the full Arizona Senate on Monday despite warnings that the bills might be unconstitutional.
Senate Rules Attorney Chris Kleminich warned the Senate Rules Committee that SB 1001, which targets transgender children in schools, and SB 1026 and SB 1698, two weapons in the GOP’s war on drag queens, weren’t likely to be upheld in a court of law.
SB 1001, sponsored by Republican Senator John Kavanagh, prohibits teachers and school officials from referring to students by pronouns that don't match their assigned gender at birth unless they have written parental permission. That bill moved forward in the Senate Education Committee in January.


Despite Kleminich’s admonition, Republicans advanced the bill to the full Senate with a 4-3 vote. Republican Senators Warren Petersen, Sonny Borrelli, Sine Kerr, and T.J. Shope voted to advance the bill. Democratic Senators Lela Alston, Catherine Miranda, and Raquel Terán voted against it.


Kavanagh, who has been attacking LGBTQ people in Arizona for the past decade and who has a habit of authoring unconstitutional bills, also sponsored SB 1026, which would prohibit public money from being used to pay for “drag shows targeting minors.”
The Fountain Hills Republican sponsored SB 1026 despite telling Phoenix New Times that he can’t think of an instance in which taxpayer dollars were used to put on a drag show for children in Arizona. The bill defines public money as “tax monies of this state, federal monies passing through the state treasury, or any other state monies." It was passed by the Senate Government Committee on February 9.


SB 1698, sponsored by first-term Republican Senator Justine Wadsack, would add drag shows to a state law about "dangerous crimes against children." The bill defines drag shows as adult-oriented performances and compares them to bestiality, child sex trafficking, second-degree murder, and sexual assault.

GOP Arizona Legislators, Including Leaders Of The House And Senate, Subpoenaed To Testify In Special Counsel Probe Of Trump
At least three Arizona Republican state legislators have been subpoenaed by the U.S. Justice Department’s special counsel, Jack Smith, as part of the criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump and his efforts to reverse his 2020 election loss. The federal grand jury subpoenas were issued to Senate President Warren Petersen, Sen. Sonny Borrelli and House Speaker Ben Toma. And at least one former state senator, Michelle Ugenti-Rita, who led the Senate’s Election Committee in 2021, received a subpoena. All four have been ordered to produce records and travel to Washington, D.C., to testify.
Feb. 17, 2023
Fanatical Republican Extremist Of The Day: Sonny Borrelli- 2022 Update
On this date in both 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, as well as 2021, “Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day” profiled Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli, who as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives from 2013-2017, established quite clearly that he does not get along with any Republicans unless they are as rabidly conservative as he is.
Nov. 29, 2022

These Arizona Candidates Still Say Donald Trump Won In 2020, Or They're Not Sure What Happened

The Arizona Republic

Jul. 15, 2022

Elected officials and candidates for office in 2022 continue to challenge and question the results of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona.
The results have been examined and re-examined, challenged in court and in a monthslong ballot review. No evidence has been found of widespread fraud or error in the results.
Yet candidates deny the outcome. Others don't quite go as far. But they raise questions about potential irregularities they say could have influenced the vote and should be examined.
The Arizona Republic is listing candidates by category by the race that they are entered in. This list is not complete and will be updated throughout the 2022 election season.

Election deniers

These candidates in Arizona races deny that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, either in Arizona or nationwide.
US Senate

US House of Representatives


Secretary of state

Attorney general


  • Bob Lettieri, Republican

Arizona Corporation Commission

State Senate

State House of Representatives

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

Shame On Every Republican Who Voted To Sabotage Arizona's Schools
It’s not surprising that our leaders finally broke down and agreed to allow the public schools to spend money that’s already sitting in their bank accounts – money the Legislature appropriated last June. What is stunning is that 20 Republicans – 14 in the House and six in the Senate – actually voted to stiff the schools and to heck with the impact on the one million Arizona children who attend them.
Feb. 22, 2022

Trump-Supporting Arizona Politicians Push Election Lies At Florence Rally

Kari Lake, a former TV anchor who's running for governor, began her speech with the theme of some of the other speakers, praising America under Trump and listing its problems under Biden. As did others, she called Trump “president” and slammed the 2020 election as “rotten to the core."


We are so blessed to have Donald Trump with us here today. We know the election was stolen,” state Sen. Wendy Rogers, R-Flagstaff, said when she took the stage, echoing the sentiments of other speakers and crowd members, who cheered her in response.
Like-minded Trump supporters in the Legislature included speakers at Saturday's rally such as Rogers, Sen. Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, Rep. Mark Finchem, R-Oro Valley, Sen. Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City, and former representative Anthony Kern, who's running for the state Senate.
"They attacked Donald Trump because he exposed them and their evil deeds,” said Finchem, who's running for Arizona secretary of state, a position that oversees state elections.
On Dec. 14, 2020, Kern and 10 other Arizonans, including state GOP Chair Kelli Ward and Rep. Jake Hoffman, R-Queen Creek, signed a document that was sent to Congress. All 11 people were listed on the general election ballot as the would-be electors for Trump.
Borrelli pushed back on the fact that the belief in widespread election fraud that stole the presidency from Trump in 2020 was a “conspiracy theory.” He said there was indeed a conspiracy, but he claims "it’s not a theory.” He said the problem was “obstructionists” who oversee elections at the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office and in Maricopa County. Borrelli said that many of his peers in the Arizona House and Senate were behind him and other election deniers and that they were going to “tighten up the loopholes that these commie (expletive) have exploited.” The crowd cheered as Borrelli claimed that the “shamestream media” were hiding facts like “ghost voters” he said were found to have voted in Pima County in 2020. Pima County election officials deny there were any widespread problems with the election.


Arizona Republican U.S. Reps. Debbie Lesko, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar, the latter two national leaders in the spread of falsehoods over the 2020 election, also spoke at the rally

Jan. 16, 2022

Pfizer Gave Money To Arizona Legislators Speaking At Anti-Vaxxer QAnon Conference
Pfizer likely may not have its executives at the QAnon conference in Las Vegas on Oct. 22-25, but three Arizona legislators it gave money to will be there as “special guests” and speakers. The three Republican Arizona legislators are Rep. Mark Finchem, Rep. Leo Biasiucci and Sen. Sonny Borrelli. In the 2018 and 2020 election cycles, the drug maker gave Finchem a total of $900 and Biasiucci a total of $800. Pfizer gave Borelli a combined $1,000 between 2014 and 2018. QAnon followers have become one of the leading national sources of conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 vaccines produced by Pfizer and others. Based on the belief that there is a worldwide Satan-worshipping pedophile network controlling the government and media, QAnon has increasingly become enmeshed with claims that Covid-19 is a hoax and that the injection’s purpose it to insert a tracking chip in peoples’ arms" [...] "Finchem, who is running for Arizona Secretary of State and has been endorsed by former President Trump, has fully embraced Trump’s big lie that the 2020 election was stolen and was outside the Capitol on Jan. 6 while it was being stormed by pro-Trump insurrectionists.
Sep. 29, 2021
New Mike Flynn QAnon Gathering Raises Alarms -- And Shows How They've Penetrated The GOP
attendees will include several current and former GOP lawmakers, including Arizona state Sen. Sonny Borrelli, Arizona state Rep. Leo Biasiucci
Aug. 24, 2021
GOP Legislators Spread Debunked Claims At Lindell’s ‘Cyber Symposium’
one of the cybersecurity experts that Lindell hired told the Washington Times that Lindell failed to provide the data he had long promised to deliver. The expert, Josh Merritt, said the data that Lindell did provide cannot prove China hacked the election. “We were handed a turd,” he said.
Aug. 12, 2021
GOP Lawmakers Ask Gov. Ducey To Withhold Funding From School Districts Mandating Masks
Several prominent Arizona Republicans issued a joint letter Wednesday afternoon asking Gov. Doug Ducey to withhold funding and begin legal action against school districts that are not following state laws.
Aug. 11, 2021
QAnon Las Vegas Event Adds Two Republican Lawmakers As 'Special Guests'
Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli and Arizona House Representative Leo Biasiucci have both been listed as future attendees of the "For God & Country: Patriot Double Down" in October.
Jul. 28, 2021
Arizona State Senate GOP Whip Orders People Using Mail-In Voting To ‘Get Off Your Lazy Ass’
Earlier this week, Arizona State Senate Majority Whip Sonny Borrelli (R-5th District) – whose record on voting rights is predictably abysmal – threw a tantrum during a discussion with right-wing radio host Josh Bernstein, claiming that he is “offended” that people use mail-in voting and that those who do are lazy and unpatriotic
May 27, 2021
Is Sen. Sonny Borrelli An Insurrectionist?
Borrelli was a major proponent of the “Stop the Steal” movement, which claims former President Donald Trump won the election despite no proof of widespread fraud.
Mar. 10, 2021
Sen. Sonny Borrelli To Dumpster Divers Who Say They Found Shredded Ballots: Trust No One
A legislative leader warns a dumpster diver who claims to have found shredded ballots that she could be killed. Trust no one, he says. This is how out-of-control things have gotten in Arizona.
Mar. 12, 2021
Seven Arizonan Republican legislators Face Calls To Ban Them From The House And Senate
Arizona’s legislative leadership are hearing calls that seven of their Republican colleagues be banned from the House and Senate. The incoming legislators in question back “Stop The Steal.” They are Republican Representatives Mark Finchem, David Cook, and Walt Blackman along with Republican Senators Wendy Rogers, Kelly Townsend, Sonny Borrelli, and David Livingston.
Jan. 8, 2021
Arizona Republicans Back Texas AG’s Attempt To Overturn Election
Arizona state Reps. Nancy Barto, Frank Carroll, John Fillmore, Mark Finchem, Travis Grantham, Anthony Kern, Steve Pierce, Bret Roberts and Kelly Townsend, and Sens. Sylvia Allen, Sonny Borrelli, David Gowan and David Livingston signed onto the amicus brief.
Dec. 10, 2020
4 Legislators, 2 From Southern Arizona, Flout Restaurant Shutdown

State Rep. Anthony Kern, R-Glendale, (left) posted a photo of himself, Rep. Mark Finchem and Sens. David Gowan and Sonny Borelli on Twitter on March 17 dining out after 8 pm, the time when Phoenix bars were ordered to shut dining rooms as a public health precaution. Photo: Twitter

Mar. 20, 2020
Battle Lines Drawn In Arizona Gay Discrimination Case
Dec. 24, 2018
Republicans Push To Nullify Arizona Clean-Energy Ballot Measure, Benefit APS
Republican Sen. Sonny Borrelli of Lake Havasu City introduced the "striker" amendment
Mar. 15, 2018
Arizona Lawmakers Who'll Make Your Jaw Drop
Mar. 30, 2017
'Tea Party' Bill Would Lock Up Tea Partiers
Feb. 8, 2017
Center for Arizona Policy
2016 Survey Questions For Arizona Candidates
Position Sought: State Senate LD-5
Question 4: Adding "sexual orientation," "gender identity," or "gender expression" to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in nondiscrimination law.
Candidates' Position: Oppose.
Question 6: Prohibiting government from discriminating against an individual, organization, or small business based on their beliefs about marriage.*
Candidates' Position: Support.
Question 10: Implementing policies to allow students and faculty to use the restroom, locker room, and shower room that aligns with their gender identity.
Candidates' Position: Oppose.
* Discriminatory "Religious Freedom" laws.
Ariz. Republican Caught On Tape Railing Against ‘C*cksucking Idiots’ Backing Opponent
Aug. 25, 2016
Sonny Borrelli Leads Arizona Legislators In 'Dark Money' Race
Aug. 23, 2016

Arizona Lawmaker Denies Details Of 2001 Domestic-Violence Report, Claims Political Hit

The older boy looked out of his own room and saw his stepfather punch his mom in the mouth and face three times with a closed fist, according to the report. She picked up a crutch and swung it at her husband, but he blocked her. She went into the kitchen and called 911, but Borrelli took the phone out of her hand, told the operator everything was fine, and hung up. The two resumed arguing. When the 911 operator called back, Borrelli and his stepson picked up the call on two different phones. Borrelli went to his son's room and removed the phone cord from the handset, the report says.
The boy said that his mother and stepfather continued fighting, and that he saw Borrelli push his mother, causing her to fall onto a video poker machine in the living room.
"His mom could not get up for a few moments and crawled across the floor," the report says.
She called to her son to call 911 again, and he did. That's when Borrelli allegedly came crashing through the boy's door, damaging the doorframe before ripping the phone out of the wall. He told the boy to wake up his younger brother, and that they were leaving. The boy found his brother awake and crying.

Jul., 26, 2016

Sonny Borrelli's DUI Bill Targets Medical-Cannabis Users With "Inactive" Metabolites

Jan., 28, 2015

Center for Arizona Policy
2014 Candidate Questionnaire
Position Sought: State Representative LD-5
Question 9: Arizona’s voter-approved constitutional definition of marriage should be defended to the fullest extent legally possible.
Candidates' Position: Support
Question 11: Adding “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” or “gender expression” to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in antidiscrimination law.
Candidates' Position: Oppose
Question 15: Protecting individuals and businesses from being required to provide services or use their artistic expression in a manner that violates their moral or religious beliefs.*
Candidates' Position: Support
* Discriminatory "Religious Freedom" laws.
List Of Arizona Republicans Who Voted For Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill
Feb. 28, 2014


SB 1062 - A bill to amend an existing law to give any individual or legal entity an exemption from any state law if it substantially burdened their exercise of religion, including Arizona law requiring public accommodation.


SB 1178 - Authorizes Individuals to use Potential Infringements of Religious Freedom as a Claim or Defense
Atheist? Not If You Want To Finish High School In Arizona
Jan. 26, 2013
Center for Arizona Policy
2012 Candidate Questionnaire
Position Sought: State Representative LD-5
Question 9: Amending the United States Constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
Candidates' Position: Support
Question 11: Adding “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” or “gender expression” to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in nondiscrimination law.
Candidates' Position: Oppose
Question 15: Protecting professionals from being required to provide services that violate their moral or religious beliefs.*
Candidates' Position: Support
* Discriminatory "Religious Freedom" laws.

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