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My Brother Is Not Fit To Serve In Congress
Oct. 31, 2018
Rep. Paul Gosar Blames Obama For Siblings’ Attack Ads
Sep. 25, 2018
GOP Congressman’s Mental Health Questioned By His Own Brother On CNN: ‘He Doesn’t Appear To Be Well’
Sep. 24, 2018
Gosar's Sister: What He Claims, He's Guilty Of
Sep. 22, 2018
Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar's Siblings Endorse Rival In Campaign Ads
"six of Gosar's siblings – Tim, Jennifer, Gaston, Joan, Grace, and David – say that their brother's positions on immigration, the environment, and health care have effectively torn their family apart."
Sep. 21, 2018
Republican Congressman Had Lengthy Dinner With Extremist Anti-Muslim Politician During London Trip
Sep. 6, 2018
Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar's Far-Right London Trip Funded By Fringe Group
" A fringe think tank that vilifies Muslims bankrolled Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar's trip to the U.K. last month to attend a rally for a jailed far-right activist."
Aug. 10, 2018
Texts Confirm Rep. Gosar Jockeyed To Replace An Ailing John McCain
Jul. 27, 2018
Arizona GOP Silent After Congressman Gosar Rallies With Anti-Muslim Activists
Jul. 23, 2018
Paul Gosar Called 'Disgrace' After Arizona Congressman Defends Anti-Muslim Activist
"Gosar has denigrated entire Muslim communities in the United Kingdom by supporting a dangerous far-right extremist who, by his own admission, is supported by Nazis,”
Jul. 18, 2018
Rep. Paul Gosar Exerts His Psychic-Dental Powers At FBI Agent Peter Strzok Hearing
"Can a person have a sixth sense while lacking common sense?"
Jul. 13, 2018
McCain Co-Author: Rep. Gosar 'Dumbass' Over Cindy McCain talk; Gosar Responds 'Piss Off'
"Gosar raised far-right conspiracy theories. He suggested the deadly Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacist rally was the work of a supporter of former President Barack Obama and that liberal activist George Soros had turned Jews over to the Nazis as a boy."
Jun. 2, 2018
Rep. Paul Gosar Takes A Tax Break On His 'Primary' Residence. It's Not In His District
"Six years after Rep. Paul Gosar promised his constituents he would eventually buy a home in his adopted district, he still hasn’t done so."
May 22, 2018
ACLU Backs J’aime Morgaine In Lawsuit Against Rep. Paul Gosar
Apr. 28, 2018
Rep. Gosar Is A Disgrace To Arizona. Somebody Please Unseat Him
Feb. 12, 2018
House Blocks Resolution To Condemn Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar For Tweet About 'Dreamers'
Feb. 6, 2018
Gosar Is The Keymaster To A World Of Stupidity
Feb. 5, 2018
Arizona’s Insane Dentist Charges FBI With ‘Treason’ 
Feb. 2, 2018
Paul Gosar Demands Dreamers Be Deported From The State Of The Union Address Tonight
Jan. 30, 2018
ACLU: Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar Can't Block Constituents On Social Media
Jan. 24, 2018
Cooper Debunks Congressman's Conspiracy Theory
Oct. 26, 2017
Rep. Gosar's 7 Siblings 'Aghast That Paul Has Sunk So Low'
Oct. 24, 2017
Four Arizona Republicans Vote To Let Puerto Ricans Die
Oct. 13, 2017
Paul Gosar Ends Facebook Blocks; Family Feud Erupts Over Vice Comments
Oct. 12, 2017
Rep. Paul Gosar Pushes Far-Right Conspiracies On Charlottesville, George Soros
Oct. 5, 2017
Arizona Lawmakers Weigh In On Case Pitting Gay Rights, Religious Rights
Sep. 9, 2017
Arizona Voter Sues Congressman After He Blocks Her On Facebook
Sep. 8, 2017
Rep. Paul Gosar Tweets Links To Accused Hate Group
Sep. 7, 2017
GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Outlines Opposition To DACA Program
Sep. 6, 2017
Rep. Paul Gosar Tweet Links To Accused Hate Group
Sep. 6. 2017
Az GOP Congressmen Call For End Of Ironwood, Sonoran Nat'l Monuments
Jul. 5, 2017
Army Vet Learns Paul Gosar Will Block You On Social Media If You Criticize Him
June 1, 2017
Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar Cancels In-Person Town Hall Meeting, Sparks Outrage Among Constituents
Feb. 23, 2017
Congressman Who Introduced National Parks Drilling Bill Got $250K From Big Energy
Feb. 3, 2017
The Republicans’ Big Ol’ Anti-Gay Summer
Jun. 13, 2016
Tea Party Darling Paul Gosar Uses Taxpayer-Funded Mailings To Preach Small Government
Jun. 13, 2016
Congressman Gosar Claims Oak Flat Has Never Been A Sacred Site, Wants To Kick Out Apache Stronghold Protesters
Mar. 10, 2016
And Today’s Bad Timing Award Goes To: Congressman Paul Gosar And His Staff
Nov. 27, 2015
‘C’mon!’: Colbert Rips Into Catholic Congressman For Boycotting The Pope
Sept. 24, 2015
Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar Will Boycott The Pope, But He Found Time To Visit Cliven Bundy
Sept. 23, 2015
Paul Gosar Embarrasses Arizona (Again) With An Insult To The Pope
Sept, 18, 2015
Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar Orders Apache Stronghold Visitors Removed By Capitol Police, Threatens Grandmothers With Arrest
Jul. 13, 2015
Crazy/Stupid Republican Of The Day - Paul Gosar
Mar. 29, 2015
Are American Indian Nations ‘Wards Of The Federal Government’?
Dec. 19, 2014

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar: Send Back Illegal Immigrant Kids

Jul. 3, 2014


Arizona Legislators See Cliven Bundy As A Hero?
Apr. 19, 2014
Here Are The Republicans Who Voted 'No' On Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds
Jan. 4, 2013
List Of 174 House Republicans Who Voted For Sequestration
Sept. 17, 2012
FAIR Game? How GOP Politicians Are Trying to secretly influence the IRC
Oct. 31, 2011
Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar Thinks The EPA Is A Radical Dictatorship?
Apr. 22, 2011
US Congressman Paul Gosar Blames Evil Abstract And Invisible People For Arizona’s Forest Fires

Jul. 5, 2011

How The Tea Party Fared
Nov. 4, 2010
Center for Arizona Policy (Cathi Herrod)
2010 Candidate Questionnaire
Position Sought: United States House Of Representatives CD-1
Question 5: Amending the United States Constitution to define marriage as between only one man and one woman.
Candidates' Position: Support.
Question 8: Protecting healthcare workers from being required to perform procedures that violate their moral or religious beliefs.*
Candidates' Position: Support.
Question 10: Adding “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” or “gender expression” to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in discrimination law.
Candidates' Position: Oppose.
Question 14: Repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which states that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and declares states do not have to recognize same-sex marriage from other states.
Candidates' Position: Oppose.
*Discriminatory "Religious Freedom" laws.

Oct. 15, 2010. Source


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