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Release The Kraken Attorney Alex Kolodin Plans To Run For State House Seat
"The Arizona attorney who worked with Sidney Powell and the Trump team to bring several of the lawsuits claiming widespread fraud in Maricopa County's November elections wants to be on next year's ballot. Alex Kolodin last night filed a Statement of Interest to run for one of the State House seats in Legislative District 23."
Jun. 18, 2021
Judge Rejects Call For Secret Election Audit Hearing From Auditors, Senate Republicans
Attorneys representing the auditors argued that policies and procedures largely related to security needed to remain under seal in order to keep “bad actors” from manipulating the hand-recount of the 2020 election that is taking place on the floor of Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Attorney Alexander Kolodin, who is representing Cyber Ninjas, said that the documents contain plans to respond to security incidents and show vulnerabilities of the one-time basketball arena where the nearly 2.1 million ballots are stored.
Apr. 22, 2012
Two Arizona Lawmakers At The Capitol During The Riot Refuse To Turn Over Their Phone Records
""Our clients will not comply with your records request as to any information stored on or sent from their personal devices," attorney Alexander Kolodin wrote."
Jan. 27, 2021
GOP Lawyer Filed A Legal Bag Of Trash To Overturn Election
"I was appalled to see Trump lawyer Alexander Kolodin file a legal bag of trash in Arizona federal court in a ludicrous attempt to overturn Arizona’s election results. His complaint was a sack of Venezuelan conspiracies, anonymous “witnesses,” and irrelevant material from other states. [...] Kolodin, who lives in Scottsdale, is an anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-income tax zealot who thinks teachers should carry guns in school. [...] The fantastical allegations spew forth in a total of 23 bogus affidavits, one harder to believe than the next."
Dec. 12, 2020
Judge Skewers GOP Lawsuit To Throw Out AZ Election, Citing Total Lack Of Evidence
"Alexander Kolodin, an Arizona attorney who represented the plaintiffs, said the legal team is reviewing its options for appeal, including whether to appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court."
Dec. 9, 2020
New Lawsuit Seeks To Invalidate Election
"Prior lawsuits challenging the election — including some by Powell’s Arizona co-counsel Alexander Kolodin — have been dismissed. That includes the “SharpieGate” claim that the use of the markers resulted in false counts."
Dec. 2, 2020
AG Convinced No Problems With Sharpies, Steps Away From Lawsuit
"Kolodin [...] said there is evidence that people were denied new ballots or that the ballots with problems, rather than being counted by machines, were set aside and sent to county offices where individuals sought to “adjudicate” what is the voter’s intent. But that, however, runs afoul of the right of voters who show up at polling places to feed their ballots into the machines and verify that they are being tallied. He also wants Mahoney to order that outsiders, including people who say their Sharpie-marked ballots may have been misread, to go to county offices and watch as these ballots are fed back through machines. Liddy said there are no such boxes of ballots waiting to be rerun and tabulated. But here, too, Kolodin questions that assertion."
Nov. 6, 2020
Center for Arizona Policy (Cathi Herrod)
2020 Survey Questions For Arizona Candidates
Position Sought: State Senate LD-23
Question 2: Adding “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” or “gender expression” to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in nondiscrimination law.
Candidates' Position: Oppose.
Question 4: Allowing biological males that identify as transgender to play on female sports’ teams.
Candidates' Position: Oppose
Question 9: Protecting a parent's right to seek professional counseling for their minor child with same-sex attraction or gender identity issues to help them reach their desired outcome.*
Candidates' Position: Support
Question 11: Protecting individuals and businesses from being required to provide services or use their artistic expression in a manner that violates their moral or religious beliefs.**
Candidates' Position: Support.
This is in reference to the dangerous and disproven "Reparative Therapy".
**Discriminatory "Religious Freedom" laws.


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