Arizona 2022 General Election Candidates




Those highlighted in green are those we endorsed in this election. Please note that there are those we would normally endorse who we did not. This could mean that we feel that our endorsement would have been of no value to the candidate, could have potentially harmed the candidates campaign or that the candidate wasn't OPENLY in support of the LGBTQ community (i.e. not mentioning LGBTQ on their website & etc.)

We suggest voting NO on Propositions

128, 129, 130, 131, 132 and 309

Office District Name Party
U.S. Senate   Mark Kelly Democratic
U.S. Senate   Blake Masters Republican
U.S. House 1 Jeven Hodge Democratic
U.S. House 1 David Schweikert Republican
U.S. House 2 Tom O'Halleran Democratic
U.S. House 2 Eli Crane Republican
U.S. House 3 Ruben Gallego Democratic
U.S. House 3 Jeff Zink Republican
U.S. House 4 Greg Stanton Democratic
U.S. House 4 Kelly Cooper Republican
U.S. House 5 Javier Ramos Democratic
U.S. House 5 Andy Biggs Republican
U.S. House 6 Kirsten Engel Democratic
U.S. House 6 Juan Ciscomani Republican
U.S. House 7 Raul Grijalva Democratic
U.S. House 7 Luis Pozzolo Republican
U.S. House 8 Debbie Lesko Republican
U.S. House 9 Paul Gosar Republican
Governor   Katie Hobbs Democratic
Governor   Kari Lake Republican
Secretary of State   Adrian Fontes Democratic
Secretary of State   Mark Finchem Republican
Attorney General   Kris Mayes Democratic
Attorney General   Abraham Hamadeh Republican
Treasurer   Martin Quezada Democratic
Treasurer   Kimberly Yee Republican
Superintendent of Public Education   Kathy Hoffman Democratic
Superintendent of Public Education   Tom Horne Republican
Corporation Commission   Sandra Kennedy Democratic
Corporation Commission   Lauren Kuby Democratic
Corporation Commission   Kevin Thompson Republican
Corporation Commission   Nicholas Myers Republican
State Senate 1 Mike Fogel Democratic
State Senate 1 Ken Bennett Republican
State Senate 2 Jeanne Casteen Democratic
State Senate 2 Steve Kaiser Republican
State Senate 3 Thomas Dugger Democratic
State Senate 3 John Kavanaugh Republican
State Senate 4 Christine Marsh Democratic
State Senate 4 Nancy Barto Republican
State Senate 5 Lela Alston Democratic
State Senate 6 Theresa Hatathlie Democratic
State Senate 7 Kyle Natschke Democratic
State Senate 7 Wendy Rogers Republican
State Senate 8 Juan Mendez Democratic
State Senate 8 Roxana Holapfel Republican
State Senate 9 Eva Burch Democratic
State Senate 9 Robert Scantlebury Republican
State Senate 10 David Farnsworth Republican
State Senate 11 Catherine Miranda Democratic
State Senate 11 Maryn Brannies Republican
State Senate 12 Mitzi Epstein Democratic
State Senate 12 David Richardson Republican
State Senate 13 Cindy Hans Democratic
State Senate 13 J.D. Mesnard Republican
State Senate 14 Warren Petersen Republican
State Senate 15 Jake Hoffman Republican
State Senate 16 Taylor Kerby Democratic
State Senate 16 T.J. Shope Republican
State Senate 17 Mike Nickerson Democratic
State Senate 17 Justine Wadsack Republican
State Senate 18 Priya Sundareshand Democratic
State Senate 18 Stan Kaine Republican
State Senate 19 David Gowan Republican
State Senate 20 Sally Gonzales Democratic
State Senate 21 Rosanna Gabaldon Democratic
State Senate 22 Diego Espinoza Democratic
State Senate 23 Brian Fernandez Democratic
State Senate 23 Gary Snider Republican
State Senate 24 Anna Hernandez Democratic
State Senate 25 Sine Kerr Republican
State Senate 26  Raquel Teran Democratic
State Senate 27 Anthony Kern Republican
State Senate 28 David Sandoval Democratic
State Senate 28 Frank Carroll Republican
State Senate 29 Janae Shamp Republican
State Senate 30 Sonny Borelli Republican
State House 1 Cathy Ransom Democratic
State House 1 Neil Sinclaire Democratic
State House 1 Quang Nguyen Republican
State House 1 Selina Bliss Republican
State House 2 Judy Schwiebert Democratic
State House 2 Justin Wilmeth Republican
State House 2 Christian Lamar Republican
State House 3 Joseph Chaplik Republican
State House 4 Laura Terech Democratic
State House 4 Maria Syms Republican
State House 4 Matt Gress Republican
State House 5 Amish Shah Democratic
State House 5 Jennifer Longdon Democratic
State House 6 Mae Peshlakai Democratic
State House 6 Myron Tsosie Democratic
State House 7 David Cook Republican
State House 7 David Marshall Republican
State House 8 Athena Salman Democratic
State House 8 Melody Hernandez Democratic
State House 8 Caden Darrow Republican
State House 8 Bill Loughrige Republican
State House 9 Lorena Austin Democratic
State House 9 Seth Blattman Democratic
State House 9 Mary Ann Mendoza Republican
State House 9 Kathy Pearce Republican
State House 10 Helen Hunter Democratic
State House 10 Justin Heap Republican
State House 10 Barbara Parker Republican
State House 11 Oscar De Los Santos Democratic
State House 11 Marcelino Quinonez Democratic
State House 11 Tatiana Pena Republican
State House 12 Patricia Contreras Democratic
State House 12 Anastasia Travers Democratic
State House 12 James Chaston Republican
State House 12 Terry Roe Republican
State House 13 Jennifer Pawlik Democratic
State House 13 Liz Harris Republican
State House 13 Julie Willoughby Republican
State House 14 Brandy Reese Democratic
State House 14 Travis Grantham Republican
State House 14 Laurin Hendrix Republican
State House 15 Jacqueline Parker Republican
State House 15 Neal Carter Republican
State House 16 Keith Seaman Democratic
State House 16 Rob Hudelson Republican
State House 16 Teresa Martinez Republican
State House 17 Dana Allmond Democratic
State House 17 Brian Radford Democratic
State House 17 Rachel Jones Republican
State House 17 Cory McGarr Republican
State House 18 Nancy Gutierrez Democratic
State House 18 Chris Mathis Democratic
State House 18 Linda Evans Republican
State House 19 Sandra Clark Democratic
State House 19 Lupe Diaz Republican
State House 19 Gail Griffin Republican
State House 20 Andres Cano Democratic
State House 20 Alma Hernandez Democratic
State House 21 Conseulo Hernandez Democratic
State House 21 Stephanie Stahl Hamilton Democratic
State House 22 Lupe Chavira Contreras Democratic
State House 22 Leezah Sun Democratic
State House 23 Jesus Lugo Democratic
State House 23 Mariana Sandoval Democratic
State House 24 Analise Ortiz Democratic
State House 24 Lydia Hernandez Democratic
State House 25 Timothy Dunn Republican
State House 25 Michael Carbone Republican
State House 26 Cesar Aguilar Democratic
State House 26 Flavio Bravo Democratic
State House 27 Ben Toma Republican
State House 27 Kevin Payne Republican
State House 28 Stephanie Holbrook Democratic
State House 28 Beverly Pingerelli Republican
State House 28 David Livingston Republican
State House 29 Scott Podeyn Democratic
State House 29 Steve Montenegro Republican
State House 29 Austin Smith Republican
State House 30 Leo Biasiucc Republican
State House 30 John Gillette Republican


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