Arizona 2020 General Election Candidates




Those highlighted in green are those we endorsed in this election. Please note that there are those we would normally endorse who we did not. This could mean that we feel that our endorsement would have been of no value to the candidate, could have potentially harmed the candidates campaign or that the candidate wasn't OPENLY in support of the LGBTQ community (i.e. not mentioning LGBTQ on their website & etc.)

Office District Name Party
President/Vice-President   Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Democratic
President/Vice-President   Donald Trump/Mike Pence Republican
U.S. Senate   Mark Kelly Democratic
U.S. Senate   Martha McSally Republican
U.S. House 1 Tom O'Halleran Democratic
U.S. House 1 Tiffany Shedd Republican
U.S. House 2 Ann Kirkpatrick Democratic
U.S. House 2 Brandon Martin Republican
U.S. House 3 Raul Grijalva Democratic
U.S. House 3 Daniel Wood Republican
U.S. House 4 Delina Desanto Democratic
U.S. House 4 Paul Gosar Republican
U.S. House 5 Joan Greene Democratic
U.S. House 5 Andy Biggs Republican
U.S. House 6 Hiral Tipirneni Democratic
U.S. House 6 David Schweikert Republican
U.S. House 7 Ruben Gallego Democratic
U.S. House 7 Josh Barnette Republican
U.S. House 8 Michael Muscato Democratic
U.S. House 8 Debbie Lesko Republican
U.S. House 9 Greg Stanton Democratic
U.S. House 9 David Giles Republican
Corporation Commission   Bill Mundall Democratic
Corporation Commission   Shea Stanfield Democratic
Corporation Commission   Anna Tovar Democratic
Corporation Commission   Lea Marquez Peterson Republican
Corporation Commission   Jim O'Conner Republican
Corporation Commission   Eric Sloan Republican
State Senate 1 Gilbert Carillo Democratic
State Senate 1 Karen Fann Republican
State Senate 2 Rosanna Gabaldon Democratic
State Senate 2 Mark Workman Republican
State Senate 3 Sally Ann Gonzales Democratic
State Senate 4 Lisa Otondo Democratic
State Senate 4 Travis Angry Republican
State Senate 5 Sonny Borrelli Republican
State Senate 6 Felicia French Democratic
State Senate 6 Wendy Rogers Republican
State Senate 7 Jamescita Peshlakai Democratic
State Senate 8 Barbara McGuire Democratic
State Senate 8 T.J. Shope Republican
State Senate 9 Victoria Steele Democratic
State Senate 10 Kirsten Engle Democratic
State Senate 10 Justine Wadsack Republican
State Senate 11 Joanna Mendoza Democratic
State Senate 11 Vince Leach Republican
State Senate 12 Lynsey Robinson Democratic
State Senate 12 Warren Petersen Republican
State Senate 13 Sine Kerr Republican
State Senate 14 Bob Karp Democratic
State Senate 14 David Gowan Republican
State Senate 15 Nancy Barto Republican
State Senate 16 Kelly Townsend Republican
State Senate 17 AJ Kurdoglu Democratic
State Senate 17 J.D. Mesnard Republican
State Senate 18 Sean Bowie Democratic
State Senate 18 Suzanne Sharer Republican
State Senate 19 Lupe Contreras Democratic
State Senate 20 Paul Boyer Republican
State Senate 20 Douglas Ervin Democratic
State Senate 21 Rick Gray Republican
State Senate 22 Sarah Tyree Democratic
State Senate 22 David Livingston Republican
State Senate 23 Seth Blattman Democratic
State Senate 23 Michelle Ugenti-Rita Republican
State Senate 24 Lela Alston Democratic
State Senate 25 Paul Weigel Democratic
State Senate 25 Tyler Pace Republican
State Senate 26 Juan Mendez Democratic
State Senate 26 Jae Man Chin Republican
State Senate 27 Rebecca Rios Democratic
State Senate 27 Garland Shreves Republican
State Senate 28 Christine Porter Marsh Democratic
State Senate 28 Kate Brophy McGee Republican
State Senate 29 Martin Quezada Democratic
State Senate 29 John Wilson Republican
State Senate 30 Tony Navarrete Democratic
State House 1 Judy Stahl Democratic
State House 1 Judy Burges Republican
State House 1 Quang Nguyen Republican
State House 2 Andrea Dalessandro Democratic
State House 2 Daniel Hernandez Democratic
State House 2 Deborah McEwen Republican
State House 3 Andres Cano Democratic
State House 3 Alma Hernandez Democratic
State House 4 Charlene Fernandez Democratic
State House 4 Geraldine Peten Democratic
State House 4 Joel Dee John Republican
State House 5 Regina Cobb Republican
State House 5 Leo Biasiucci Republican
State House 6 Coral Evans Democratic
State House 6 Brenda Barton Republican
State House 6 Walt Blackman Republican
State House 7 Arlando Teller Democratic
State House 7 Myron Tsosie Democratic
State House 7 James Parks Republican
State House 7 David Peelman Republican
State House 8 Sharon Girard Democratic
State House 8 Neal Carter Republican
State House 8 David Cook Republican
State House 9 Randy Friese Democratic
State House 9 Pamela Powers Hanley Democratic
State House 9 Brendan Lyons Republican
State House 10 Domingo Degrazia Democratic
State House 10 Stephanie Stahl Hamilton Democratic
State House 10 Mabelle Gummere Republican
State House 10 Michael Hicks Republican
State House 11 Felipe Perez Democratic
State House 11 Mark Finchem Republican
State House 11 Bret Roberts Republican
State House 12 Travis Grantham Republican
State House 12 Jake Hoffman Republican
State House 13 Mariana Sandoval Democratic
State House 13 Tim Dunn Republican
State House 13 Joanne Osborne Republican
State House 14 Ronnie Maestas-Condos Democratic
State House 14 Kimberly Moschetti Democratic
State House 14 Gail Griffin Republican
State House 14 Becky Nutt Republican
State House 15 Kristin Dybvig-Pawelko Democratic
State House 15 Steve Kaiser Republican
State House 15 Justin Wilmeth Republican
State House 16 Helen Hunter Democratic
State House 16 John Fillmore Republican
State House 16 Jacqueline Parker Republican
State House 17 Jennifer Pawlik Democratic
State House 17 Liz Harris Republican
State House 17 Jeff Weninger Republican
State House 18 Mitzi Epstein Democratic
State House 18 Jennifer Jermaine Democratic
State House 18 Donald Hawker Constitution
State House 18 Bob Robson Republican
State House 19 Diego Espinoza Democratic
State House 19 Lorenzo Sierra Democratic
State House 20 Judy Schweibert Democratic
State House 20 Shawnna Bolick Republican
State House 20 Anthony Kern Republican
State House 21 Kathy Knecht Democratic
State House 21 Kevin Payne Republican
State House 21 Beverly Pingerelli Republican
State House 22 Wendy Garcia Democratic
State House 22 Kathleen Honne Democratic
State House 22 Frank Carroll Republican
State House 22 Benjamin Toma Republican
State House 23 Eric Kurland Democratic
State House 23 Joseph Chaplik Republican
State House 23 John Kavanagh Republican
State House 24 Jennifer Longdon Democratic
State House 24 Amish Shah Democratic
State House 25 Suzanne Hug Democratic
State House 25 Rusty Bowers Republican
State House 25 Michelle Udall Republican
State House 26 Melody Hernandez Democratic
State House 26 Athena Salman Democratic
State House 26 Bill Loughrige Republican
State House 26 Seth Sifuentes Republican
State House 27 Reginald Bolding Democratic
State House 27 Diego Rodriguez Democratic
State House 27 Tatiana Pena Republican
State House 28 Kelli Butler Democratic
State House 28 Aaron Lieberman Democratic
State House 28 Kenneth Bowers Republican
State House 28 Jana Jackson Republican
State House 29 Richard Andrade Democratic
State House 29 Cesar Chavez Democratic
State House 29 Billy Bragg Jr. Republican
State House 29 Helen Fokszanskyj-Conti Republican
State House 30 Robert Meza Democratic
State House 30 Raqual Teran Democratic
Phoenix Mayor   Kate Gallego Democratic
Phoenix Mayor   Merissa Hamilton Republican
Maricopa County Attorney   Julie Junnigle Democratic
Maricopa County Attorney   Allister Adel Republican
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Dist.1   Jevin Hodge Democratic
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Dist.1   Jack Sellers Republican
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Dist.2   Deedra Abboud Democratic
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Dist.2   Steve Chucri Republican
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Dist.3   Whitney Walker Democratic
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Dist.3   Bill Gates Republican
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Dist.4   Suzanne Story Democratic
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Dist.4   Clint Hickman Republican
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Dist.5   Steve Gallardo Democratic
Maricopa County Sheriff   Paul Penzone Democratic
Maricopa County Sheriff   Jerry Sheridan Republican
Maricopa County Recorder   Adrian Fontes Democratic
Maricopa County Recorder   Stephen Richer Republican
Pima County Attorney   Laura Conover Democratic
Pima County Board of Supervisors Dist.1   Rex Scott Democratic
Pima County Board of Supervisors Dist.1   Steven Spain Republican
Pima County Board of Supervisors Dist.2   Matt Heinz Democratic
Pima County Board of Supervisors Dist.2   Anthony Sizer Republican
Pima County Board of Supervisors Dist.3   Sharon Bronson Democratic
Pima County Board of Supervisors Dist.3   Gabriela Saucedo Mercer Republican
Pima County Board of Supervisors Dist.4   Steve Diamond Democratic
Pima County Board of Supervisors Dist.4   Steve Christy Republican
Pima County Board of Supervisors Dist.5 Adelita Grijalva Democratic
Pima County Board of Supervisors Dist.5   Fernando Gonzales Republican
Pima County Sheriff   Chris Nanos Democratic
Pima County Sheriff   Mark Napier Republican
Pima County Recorder   Gabriella Cazares-Kelly Democratic
Pima County Recorder   Benny White Republican
Tucson Unified School District Governing Board   Laura Basurto Republican
"   Suzanne Kane Republican
"   Cristina Mennella Unknown
"   Joe Nicolas Pierson Republican
"   Adam Ragan Democratic
"   Benjamin Reilly Unknown
"   Natalie Luna Rose Democratic
"   Ravi Grivois-Shah Democratic
"   Sadie Shaw - W Democratic
"   Ewart Williams Jr. Republican
"   Cindy Winston Unknown


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