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Far-right MAGA Republican extremist who served as the 25th Attorney General of Arizona from 2011 to 2015. Horne lost to Mark Brnovich in the Republican primary for Attorney General in 2014. He previously served as the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction from 2003 to 2011. Horne threatened to sue the city of Bisbee, Arizona, over a 2013 ordinance recognizing same-sex couples. He withdrew the threat several days later when Bisbee agreed to rewrite the ordinance, removing rights reserved for married couples under Arizona law. In October, 2014, a federal judge ruled that Arizona's law banning gay marriage was unconstitutional, and Horne did not appeal. He felt the chance of it being overturned was "zero," and, added, "I think it is over." On May 5, 2014, an attorney representing a former AG staff member and ex-Horne campaign volunteer, filed a litigation hold letter with the Arizona Attorney General's office, alleging that much of Horne's executive office staff is involved in "substantial campaigning" for his 2014 re-election, "while on state time and utilizing State resources," which, if proven true, could "represent a substantial violation of State and Federal laws which prohibit such conduct". The allegations first arose in the AG staffer's letter of resignation, which claimed that the office is "not following campaign laws or finance laws," imperiling her "legal well-being." Horne has denied the allegations, calling them a "complete fabrication." On July 7, 2014, the Arizona Secretary of State's Office released a memo, finding probable cause that Horne violated several campaign-finance laws related to allegations that Horne had employees doing his campaign work on state time, at the AG's office. Horne was elected as the State Superintendent of Public Education in the 2022 General Election.
Arizona Superintendent Greenlights Far-Right Ideological Materials To Teach Kids In Public Schools
:Arizona’s education chief and an unaccredited, conservative media company announced Wednesday that the state would allow the use of the organization’s ideological content as part of approved classroom curriculum. “We have a partnership with the superintendent of education, one, as well as a bunch of other people who have called us into Arizona,” PragerU CEO Marissa Streit told Breitbart. “Arizona in particular, it has been a battleground because people have really become very aware and very upset about what has happened educationally over there.” [ . . . ] "Some of their more controversial offerings have received national attention—like an animated video where abolitionist Frederick Douglas tells children slavery was a “compromise” and all US Founding Fathers opposed the practice personally, or that the US Civil War was fought over state’s rights."
Jan. 31, 2024
AZ Schools Chief Falsely Claims Chandler Schools Are Dumbing Down Their Education
"Tom Horne says CUSD is using ‘equity math’ & eliminating AP courses as part of a ‘left-wing’ plot. But there’s no evidence of any of it."
Nov. 2, 2023
Best Wrong-Way Political Comeback - Tom Horne
"How did the dodgiest Arizona Attorney General of recent memory slime his way back into public office, besting incumbent Democrat Kathy Hoffman to become Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, a position Horne once held before moving over to the AG's office in 2011? Hoffman was a bright, fresh face, a former teacher and speech-language pathologist — not a professional politician. And her administration earned plaudits from educators. Horne, on the other hand, was plagued with ethical issues and accusations of using the AG's office for campaign purposes. The low point of his tenure as AG was an FBI tail on his car as he headed for an alleged nooner with his alleged mistress. Agents spied Horne-dog hitting another car in the parking lot adjacent to a Pita Jungle. He later pled no contest to a vehicular hit-and-run, a misdemeanor. Horne's wrong-way, down-ballot win in 2022 can be blamed on two factors: name recognition and the laziness of our local Fourth Estate, which failed to inform the public of Horne's checkered past. Has Horne grown an ethical bone in recent years? Don't bet on it. At least he's not taking up space in the AG's office, where he could do far more damage."
Sep. 28, 2023
Tom Horne Strikes Alliance With Moms For Liberty Over Flipping Arizona School Boards
"Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne struck an alliance with Moms for Liberty supporters at an East Valley event Thursday evening over what he said was a shared goal: electing conservatives to school boards in 2024. "That's going to be my main occupation for 2024," Horne said." [ . . . ] 'The group has since become a force in school board races across the country — and in conservative politics more broadly — and has made national headlines for attempts to restrict teaching and student access to books related to race, gender and sexual orientation."
Sep. 15, 2023
Tom Horne, Conservative Lawmakers To Speak At Moms For Liberty Town Hall In Mesa
"Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne and other Republican elected officials are slated to speak at a Mesa town hall Thursday organized by Moms for Liberty, a "parental rights" organization founded in Florida that has been labeled an extremist group and has made national headlines in recent years for attempts to take over school boards and restrict teaching related to race, gender and sexual orientation." [ . . . ] "State lawmakers Sen. Jake Hoffman, R-Queen Creek, Sen. Justine Wadsack, R-Tucson, Rep. Justin Heap, R-Mesa, and Barbara Parker, R-Mesa, are expected to participate in a panel at the event. The panel will be moderated by Descovich, and attendees will be able to ask education-related questions." "Moms for Liberty was founded in 2021 by Descovich and Justice, former school board members in Florida, out of opposition to pandemic-related school closures and mask mandates. Its chapters have since made national headlines for attempts to take over school boards, explosive appearances at school board meetings and efforts to restrict the teaching of race and gender-related topics."
Sep. 13, 2023
Horne Cancels $70 Million In COVID-19 Funding To Set Up Tutoring Program
"State schools chief Tom Horne is canceling millions of dollars in contracts funded by COVID-19 aid that his Democratic predecessor awarded to Arizona education programs in order to funnel the money into a new tutoring program for struggling students. But the tutoring will help only about 10% of the students who are falling behind academically."
Sep. 6, 2023
Arizona Schools Chief Targets Transgender Students And Bathrooms
"State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne is targeting school policies dealing with restrooms and transgender students."
Aug. 17, 2023

'Misogynistic, Sexist, And Really Disrespectful': New Arizona Education Hire Posts Far-Right Content Online

Jan. 5 2023

"Two days into his second tour as state school superintendent, Republican Tom Horne is putting his stamp on the Department of Education with a slew of new hires.
One of them, Mila Makal, is raising eyebrows: The new director of a program that promotes good character among students is also a frequent poster of far-right and sexist content on social media.
Some of the extreme images Makal has posted on his Facebook page include:
  • Far-right personality Candace Owens claiming liberals want to destroy Western civilization
  • A vulgar description of Canada's prime minister with environmental activist Greta Thunberg
  • Joe Biden without a brain
  • Women in bikinis brandishing semiautomatic weapons
Horne's spokesman is defending the director's free speech rights"
School Superintendent Candidate Befriended, Defended Multiple Alleged Child Sex Criminals
"Tom Horne, whose entire campaign for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction has been marred by his repeated defense of a child molester apparently associated with his campaign, voted against harsher penalties for statutory rape while serving as a state lawmaker and voted twice to reinstate a teacher who resigned in disgrace after students reported him for looking at pornography in the classroom—including of minors—while superintendent."
Oct. 5, 2022
Arizona Schools Superintendent Hoffman Focuses On Issues In Debate While Opponent Horne Decries LGBTQ Website And CRT
"The Republican candidate for Arizona's top educational official is lashing out at incumbent Kathy Hoffman for her agency's decision to promote a web site for LGBTQ and "questioning teens.''
"I think its very harmful,'' said Tom Horne of QChat during a debate Wednesday for superintendent of public instruction."
Sep.15, 2022
Tome Horne, left, is defending David Stringer, right, who is working on his campaign but has a problematic past. (Arizona Family)
AZ Head Of Schools Candidate Defends Disgraced Ex-Lawmaker Working On His Campaign
"Tom Horne, a Republican candidate for Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction, confirmed that former state Rep. David Stringer, who was at one time charged with child sex crimes, is doing work for his campaign for state office." [...] “David Stringer resigned in disgrace from the legislature to avoid being expelled after reports of his molestation of children came to light. And Tom Horne counts him as a top campaign ally and donor. It’s deeply unsettling.”
Aug. 26, 2022
Ethically/Legally Challenged Tom Horne Gives Thanks To Accused Child Sex Offender David Stringer
Arizona Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Nominee and ethically/legally challenged Tom Horne has chosen some dubious friends to associate himself with in his campaign to reenter public office. In an August 3, 2022 social media post (that has since been taken down,) the former Superintendent and State Attorney General gives thanks to former State Legislator and accused child sex offender David Stringer for supporting his campaign.
Aug. 21, 2022

May 29, 2022, Source

Arizona’s Ban On Mexican American Studies Was Racist, U.S. Court Rules
"the program came under scrutiny in 2006 when Dolores Huerta, a Latina labor leader and civic rights activist, gave a speech at Tucson High School and said that “Republicans hate Latinos.” Tom Horne, then Arizona’s superintendent of public instruction, labeled Huerta’s remarks as “hate speech.” He ordered a deputy to make a rebuttal speech at the school, during which protesting students taped their mouths, turned their backs, raised their fists and walked out of the auditorium."
Aug. 23, 2017
On Trial, Former Arizona Schools Chief Says Radicals Taught Ethnic Studies Program He Later Banned
"Tom Horne, who ended a popular Mexican-American history program, testified that it taught students to be disruptive."
Jul. 19, 2017

Ruling Gives Ex-Attorney General, Tom Horne, Chance To Avoid $1.2M Fine

By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services May 25, 2017 Updated May 25, 2017

"PHOENIX -- The Arizona Supreme Court this morning gave former Attorney General Tom Horne another chance to escape a $1.2 million fine for campaign finance violations.
In a unanimous decision, the justices said it was wrong for Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, who initially concluded Horne and a former aide had broken the law, to then overrule the findings of an administrative law judge who said there was no violation.
”We hold that due process does not permit the same individual to issue the initial decision finding violations and ordering remedies, participate personally in the prosecution of the case before an administrative law judge, and then make the final agency decision that will receive only deferential judicial review,” wrote Clint Bolick for the court.
But the justices did  not absolve Horne of guilt. Instead, it sends the issue back for a review by someone, unlike Polk, who is neutral.
At issue is $513,340 spent by Business Leaders for Arizona on a last-minute commercial attacking Felecia Rotellini, Horne's 2010 Democrat foe."
What Ever Happened To The Investigations Into Tom Horne?
"More than two years have passed since then-Attorney General Tom Horne, seeking re-election beneath a cloud of controversy, lost the Republican primary to Mark Brnovich. A former employee turned whistleblower came forward claiming Horne was using the Attorney General's Office as a de facto campaign headquarters, with his employees planning events, contacting donors and doing other work related to the race on state time. Horne denied the allegations and called them politically motivated. But no fewer than two separate investigations were launched"
Dec. 8, 2016
Philandering Former Arizona AG Tom Horne Loses Appeal, Still On Hook For $400K
"Anyone remember Tom Horne? You know, the Republican political zombie and onetime Arizona Attorney General who hired his girlfriend, Carmen Chenal, as an assistant attorney general, got himself investigated by the FBI, and was witnessed riding around town with Chenal, wearing a trucker hat as a disguise, as he pulled a vehicular hit and run in a parking lot without leaving a note? Yeah, that guy. Well, he's still alive, eking out a living practicing law with his former defense attorney Sandra Slaton and dodging a $400,000 fine levied on him by Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk."
Feb. 24, 2016
Tom Horne Scores New Gig, And Why He Still Needs To Be Punished
Jan. 23, 2015
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne Hobnobs With Radical Nullificationists
"Horne’s staff has confirmed to the New Times that the attorney general will be attending the “Liberty on Tap” event, so we can move on to questioning why Arizona’s top law enforcement officer will be attending an event that appears to promote the radical belief that the county sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in the nation and has the power to ignore federal laws that he thinks are unconstitutional and to arrest federal law enforcement officers."
Aug. 5, 2015
Horne Vows To Continue 'Crusade' vs. Ethnic Studies
""I went on a crusade against it and destroyed the entire program," Horne said proudly."
Aug. 22, 2014
Legal Woes Pose Hurdles For Attorney General Tom Horne Of Arizona In Campaign
Jul. 11, 2014
Arpaio Endorses Horne's Re-Election Campaign
Jun. 17, 2014
Top Aide To Ariz. Attorney General Tom Horne Resigns
May 16, 2014
Tom Horne Campaign Finance Case To Move Forward
May 14, 2014
AG Horne's Checkered Past Might Just Be Enough For Reelection
"Once again we are being told about the shenanigans of Republican Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne. [...] Horne has left a trail of stink dating back to his Massachusetts law school days forty years ago. With his history of crookery back east one can only wonder how Horne ever became a lawyer in Arizona following his serious legal issues involving the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission?"
Oct. 29, 2013
New Ethical Complaint Against Arizona AG Tom Horne
"The Attorney General's Office has doubled as a campaign office for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, a former employee alleges, with top staff working on state time to raise money for Horne's re-election, plan campaign events and discuss talking points to deploy against his challengers."
May 12, 2014
State Investigator Files Scorcher Against Arizona A.G. Tom Horne
"Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne defamed and tried to ruin the career of a state criminal investigator who told the FBI in good faith that she believed Horne may have received $500,000 in illegal campaign contributions, the woman claims in court."
Jan. 21, 2013
Arizona AG Tom Horne's Sex Scandal Scuttles Gubernatorial Bid
"Picture Elmer Fudd as the lead in Oliver Stone's Nixon, and you've got Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne in a nutshell. Truly, the FBI's massive, 3,000-plus page investigative file detailing its year-long probe of Horne's office reads like a tragicomic novel wherein a powerful but goofy politician does a colossal belly-flop into a pool of sleaze and chicanery, ending any likelihood that he could become governor someday."
Dec. 6, 2012
FBI: AG Horne Having Affair When Involved In Hit-And-Run
Oct. 31, 2012
Attorney General Horne Hired Carmen Chenal To A Highly Paid Top Post -- 'Cause She's His Goomba
"If you needed the services of a criminal attorney, would you hire a lawyer with no experience in criminal law, who had been suspended from the State Bar of Arizona for 120 days, had not practiced law in five years, and who was still on probation for her past misdeeds?"
Jul. 14, 2011
Here's What The U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission Said About Republican AG Candidate Tom Horne
"A February 14, 1973 SEC document, release Number 10008, said "Horne, among other things, (a) failed accurately to make and keep current certain books and records, (b) violated the anti-fraud provisions of the Federal securities laws, (c) filed false financial reports with the Commission.""
Sep. 14, 2010
Attorney-General Candidate Tom Horne Denied 1970 Bankruptcy
"In a series of annual reports for his law firm, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne wrongly denied having a bankruptcy in his past. Reports filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission from 1997 to 2000 for Horne's law firm show that when asked if any partner in the firm had ever been a partner in a business that went bankrupt, Horne checked "no" and signed the form. In fact, Horne was the president of T.C. Horne & Co., an investment firm that went bankrupt in 1970 and led to him receiving a lifetime trading ban from the Securities and Exchange Commission."
Jun. 20, 2010
The Brains Behind Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Ban
May, 14, 2010
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