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26th Attorney General of Arizona from 2015 to 2023. A member of the Republican Party, he was an unsuccessful candidate for its nomination in the 2022 U.S. Senate election. Above: Mark Brnovich and his nun-chuks.

Mark Brnovich Disgraced Arizona And Its Institutions. That Can't Go Unpunished

Feb. 28, 2023

"Mark Brnovich has a verbal tic.
When he speaks, he says, “At the end of the day …” as a kind of filler, over and over, as if he needs a moment to think of what he’ll say next.
After about 10 of these “end of the day” segues in an April 2021 interview with the conservative Newsmax channel, Brnovich said it was important to respect the Arizona Senate’s highly partisan review of votes, a process many in the state called “The Fraudit” or “clown show.”
“So we make sure we do everything we can to ensure the integrity of the (2020 election) results, because we want people to have confidence in the results.”
At the end of the day, that was a crock.
Mark Brnovich sat on his office's reports
Today we know that then-Attorney General Mark Brnovich would eventually bury and distort a detailed investigation that would have vindicated the people who ran the 2020 Maricopa County presidential election and helped restore trust in our democracy.
His own investigators had spent more than 10,000 hours examining some 430 reports of election fraud and suspected malfeasance. They debunked virtually all of them, but no one told the people of Arizona.
At the end of the day, Mark Brnovich sat on the results. In March 2022, his investigators prepared their report and their boss smothered it.
Then in April 2022 he released his own “interim report” pointing to “serious vulnerabilities” in the electoral system and ignoring the pre-publication edits suggested by his investigators, who were inclined to tell the truth.
In September 2022, his team produced an “Election Review Summary” that again defended the integrity of the election. And again, Brnovich sat on it.
He valued his election more than the truth
Last week, new Attorney General Kris Mayes revealed Brnovich’s investigative shell game and asserted it was not only a betrayal of the people of Arizona and his office, but a colossal waste of time.
“The results of this exhaustive and extensive investigation show what we have suspected for over two years – the 2020 election in Arizona was conducted fairly and accurately by elections officials,” Mayes said. “The 10,000-plus hours spent diligently investigating every conspiracy theory under the sun distracted this office from its core mission of protecting the people of Arizona from real crime and fraud.”
County election workers and officials were enduring smears and death threats from extremists who believed every conspiracy theory spun by their defeated president, Donald Trump. But none of that moved Brnovich to put out the truth, that the election in Maricopa County was honest.
At the time, Brnovich was running for U.S. Senate and needed those Trump voters to win the Republican primary. But Trump would ultimately reject and berate him and give his endorsement to upstart Blake Masters.
The then-Arizona attorney general was playing both sides against the middle, asserting to general audiences that Trump had lost the 2020 election, while intimating to conservative audiences that Trump got robbed.
Why did he hide the results? He won't say"

Gov. Hobbs Calls For Investigation Into Former Attorney General Mark Brnovich
"Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs is asking the State Bar to investigate former Attorney General Mark Brnovich. The move follows reports that Brnovich concealed records that could have debunked claims about widespread election fraud. In a letter sent to the state bar on Friday, an attorney for Hobbs accused Brnovich of “unethical conduct” that threatened “our democracy, our state, and the legal profession itself.” According to reports, numerous ethics complaints have now been filed this week against Brnovich for his handling of the 2020 elections. The State Bar of Arizona has confirmed there are currently eight complaints filed against the former attorney general."
Feb. 25, 2023
Arizona’s Top Prosecutor Concealed Records Debunking Election Fraud Claims
"Nearly a year after the 2020 election, Arizona’s then-attorney general Mark Brnovich launched an investigation into voting in the state’s largest county that quickly consumed more than 10,000 hours of his staff’s time. Investigators prepared a report in March 2022 stating that virtually all claims of error and malfeasance were unfounded, according to internal documents reviewed by The Washington Post. Brnovich, a Republican, kept it private. In April, the attorney general — who was running in the GOP primary for a U.S. Senate seat — released an “Interim Report” claiming that his office had discovered “serious vulnerabilities.” He left out edits from his own investigators refuting his assertions. His office then compiled an “Election Review Summary” in September that systematically refuted accusations of widespread fraud and made clear that none of the complaining parties — from state lawmakers to self-styled “election integrity” groups — had presented any evidence to support their claims. Brnovich left office last month without releasing the summary." [...] "The records show how Brnovich used his office to further claims about voting in Maricopa County that his own staff considered inaccurate. They suggest that his administration privately disregarded fact-checks provided by state investigators while publicly promoting incomplete accounts of the office’s work. The innuendo and inaccuracies, circulated not just in the far reaches of the internet but with the imprimatur of the state’s attorney general, helped make Arizona an epicenter of distrust in the democratic process, eroding confidence not just in the 2020 vote but in subsequent elections."
Feb. 22, 2023
Center for Arizona Policy
2022 Candidate Questionnaire
Position Sought: U.S. Senate
Question 4: Adding “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression” to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in nondiscrimination law.
Candidates' Position: Oppose.
Question 9: Protecting individuals and businesses from being required to provide services or use their artistic expression in a manner that violates their moral or religious beliefs.*
Candidates' Position: Support.
* Discriminatory "Religious Freedom" laws.

Brnovich Should Resign If He Won't Do His Job And Defend Arizona's Early Voting Program

May 27, 2022

Attorney General Mark Brnovich has once again shown us why he has absolutely no business being Arizona’s attorney general.
It’s bad enough that the guy has turned the Attorney General’s Office into a tool in his bid to land a seat in the U.S. Senate.
Now he has.
Specifically, to defend the state of Arizona against a lawsuit that seeks to end the state’s wildly popular early voting program.
Think about that. The state’s lawyer is refusing to represent the state. Refusing to defend a 31-year-old early voting program used by nearly 90% of voters in 2020.

GOP is suing Arizona to end early voting

The Arizona Republican Party and party Chairwoman Kelli Ward sued the state earlier this month, hoping to put an end to early voting before this year’s general election. (This, after unsuccessfully trying to  and get the all-Republican Arizona Supreme Court to buy into the scheme.)
Funny, the party never complained during the three decades that Republicans dominated early voting.
In fact, Republicans liked the program so well that in 2007, the GOP-run Legislature actually made it easier to vote early by allowing voters to sign up to automatically get an early ballot in the mail.
In 2020, it backfired on them, as Democrats turned out in record numbers to vote early and, well, you know the result.
Now, suddenly, the state’s long-lauded early voting program is apparently a hotbed of fraud and corruption.
The party has gone all the way to ruby red Mohave County in search of a superior court judge who will declare early voting unconstitutional.
Brnovich's job is to defend state law, but he won't . . .

Maricopa County Leaders Criticize Brnovich, Accuse Him Of Playing Politics In Election Review

May 4, 2022

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors issued a blistering and at times personal critique of Attorney General Mark Brnovich's preliminary findings of "serious vulnerabilities" in how Maricopa County ran the 2020 election, saying it was imperative to correct a record that Brnovich severely distorted.
"One cannot play politics with the instruments of the law. One cannot play politics with prosecutorial power," the supervisors wrote in a nine-page letter delivered to the attorney general.
"Given the oaths you took as both a lawyer and elected official, we were shocked" by the interim report, they added. 
County Recorder Stephen Richer, who signed on to the letter, said in remarks to the board that the interim report Brnovich delivered a month ago to Senate President Karen Fann was riddled with errors and omissions, and perpetuates the "Big Lie" that the 2020 election was stolen. 

Arizona Attorney General Using Consumer Fraud Funds For Politically Charged Legal Fights
"In Arizona, defending consumers from scams and rip-offs falls to the office of Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Arizona’s Family investigators poured through years of budget records for the Attorney General’s office. The investigation found that Brnovich’s office has increasingly diverted funds earmarked for consumer protection to pay for legal battles that have nothing to do with consumer fraud."
Apr. 28, 2022

McGuire Calls On Brnovich To Release Records Related Bar Complaints

Feb. 7, 2022

"Former Arizona National Guard leader Michael "Mick" McGuire is calling on state Attorney General Mark Brnovich, his U.S. Senate campaign rival, to make public records tied to an investigation of Brnovich and his attorneys stemming from a State Bar of Arizona investigation.
“The public has a right to know, one, about the specific ethical violations, two, what were the findings of the investigation and three, what diversion or rehabilitation training has been accepted,” McGuire, a retired Air Force major general, said Monday.
Brnovich’s office cast the resolutions as a “victory” on Friday. A spokesperson for the office did not immediately respond to The Arizona Republic’s request for comment. A spokesperson for the State Bar said in an email Monday the matter “has concluded” and there are no publicly available records."

It's Brnovich vs. The World
"It's easy to run for office when you're already in office … We're getting the legislative band back together … And he's attempting a Hulk Hogan impression. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich seems to grab daily headlines lately. We’re sure it’s just a coincidence for the AG who’s running for U.S. Senate." [...] "his allies in the Arizona Legislature filed a bill to help him out with the State Bar of Arizona complaints he’s facing from Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and the Arizona Board of Regents, Capitol Media Services’ Howie Fischer reports. Sen. Vince Leach’s Senate Bill 1566 would install penalties for people who make Bar complaints that don’t result in discipline."
Feb. 1, 2022

Mark Brnovich's Desperate (And Deceptive) Use Of Trump Makes It Clear: He Needs To Resign

"Anyone waiting breathlessly for Attorney General Mark Brnovich to launch an investigation into the fake Trump electors who participated in a scheme to overturn Arizona’s vote should wait no longer.
Brnovich’s latest fundraising plea makes it abundantly clear that he has no intention of actually doing his day job.
Being the state’s attorney general, that is.
“Are you really going to IGNORE President Trump? We thought he could count on you,” Brnovich says, in an fundraiser making the rounds to Republicans on Facebook. “This is your LAST CHANCE to help FLIP AZ and TAKE BACK THE SENATE.”
Attached is a picture of Trump and Brnovich mugging for the camera, along with this warning:


"Brnovich is in a crowded Republican race for the Senate, a race in which every candidate is competing to be anointed by Trump for the job.
He’s under pressure to start arresting people as a result of a Senate election audit that found no evidence of fraud.
Meanwhile, he should be investigating state Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward, fellow Senate candidate Jim Lamon and the other phony Trump electors who in December 2020 signed a document avowing that they represented the true electoral votes from Arizona. Then they sent it by registered mail to the U.S. Sente and the National Archives.
Fortunately, federal prosecutors are now looking into it, but shouldn’t the state’s prosecutor have at least a passing interest in such a blatant scheme carried out right under his own nose?"

Jan. 26, 2022

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Turns A Blind Eye To Fake Trump Electors
"Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is no longer attorney general. By his actions, anyway. For example, he is choosing not investigate the fake presidential electors from Arizona who fraudulently claimed they were valid electors, hoping to subvert the constitutional work of the Electoral College and overturn the outcome of a duly certified election. Why? Because he is running for the U.S. Senate. And while Brnovich ignores traitors, he indulges the whims of Republicans in the state Legislature by having his office investigate what we know to be completely debunked election fraud. Why? Because he is running for U.S. Senate."
Jan. 24, 2022

Ethics Investigation Of Brnovich Could Alter Election Laws In Arizona

"A bitter behind-the scenes battle between Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and Attorney General Mark Brnovich could change election laws in Arizona.
Hobbs filed sweeping ethics complaints to the State Bar of Arizona in 2020 accusing Brnovich and several of his top attorneys of sabotaging election-related cases and misrepresenting her office.
More than 14 months later, the agency responsible for licensing and regulating attorneys is still asking questions and seeking records. The allegations of misconduct include conflicts of interest, improperly using confidential information and publicly maligning election officials."

Dec. 20, 2021, Source

Arizona AG Asks Reporter If They Have STD Rather Than Answer If He Has Gotten COVID Vaccine
"Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich asked a reporter if they had an STD rather than answer if he has received the COVID vaccine at a news conference with leaders of Phoenix police and firefighter unions. A reporter asked Brnovich, a Republican who is running for U.S. Senate, the question when his press secretary called the question "inappropriate." Brnovich then waved her off and asked the reporter, "Have you had an STD?""
Nov. 22, 2021
AZ-Sen: Surprising No One, AZ's Attorney General Busted On Tape As An Anti-Vaxxer Idiot
Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who is also a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, appeared to cast doubt on COVID-19 vaccines in an audio recording obtained by Arizona's Family."If you can get COVID after you've had the vaccine and you can still spread it, then what's the point of the vaccine," Brnovich told a packed room of Republicans last week.
Sep. 22, 2021
AG Brnovich Spits In Faces Of Maricopa Residents To Please Trump
"Brnovich recently threatened to gut $676 million in state funding for Maricopa County unless they turn over their residents’ private information – including social security numbers – to the untrustworthy Cyber Ninjas for the “audit.”"
Sep. 15, 2021
Mark Brnovich Has Transformed The AG's Office Into His Senate Campaign Office
"Nothing is more transparent than an attorney general who blatantly uses the power of his office as a campaign ad."
Sep. 8, 2021
Will Congress Do Attorney General Mark Brnovich's Job And Probe Arizona's Sham Audit?
"Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich seems to have decided that the best use of his office is not to serve as the chief law enforcement agency in the state but as his U.S. Senate campaign launching pad."
Jul. 15, 2021
There Will Be Winners And Losers When Arizona's Election Audit Ends. Here Are A Few

LOSER: Mark Brnovich

Arizona’s attorney general early on dismissed the various conspiracy theories surrounding Joe Biden’s win in Arizona. Now, he’s running for the Senate but his support of the audit has been tepid, at best. Donald Trump has noticed.
“He (Brnovich) is always on television promoting himself, but never mentions the Crime of the Century, that took place during the 2020 Presidential Election, which was Rigged and Stolen,” Trump complained in late May. “Arizona was a big part and Brnovich must put himself in gear, or no Arizona Republican will vote for him in the upcoming elections. They will never forget, and neither will the great Patriots of our Nation!”
Brnovich has since chased Trump’s approval by sending a strongly worded letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, warning the Department of Justice to stay out of Arizona’s audit. But it’s dicey to think Trump will consider that sufficient to battle “the Crime of the Century”.
Brnovich may be the Republicans’ best shot at unseating Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, but first he’s got to get out of a Republican primary.

Jun. 22, 2021

Mark Brnovich Does Not Think (Surprise) That The Justice Department Should Investigate The Arizona Sham Audit
"Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, the one that tried to take your health insurance away until the United States Supreme Court stopped him yesterday, is trying to make nice with the Trump Zone Cult base after he would not subscribe to their world view about the November 2020 Presidential election. [...] In trying to get on their good side again, the aspiring 2020 Republican Senate Candidate wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, in his best attempt to sound like the child of Wendy Rogers and Mark Finchem, demanding that the Justice Department refrain from investigating the Maricopa County Sham Audit."
Jun. 18, 2021
How Arizona’s Attorney General Is Weaponizing Climate Fears To Keep Out Immigrants
May 1, 2021
Mark Brnovich's Transformation From Independent Arizona AG To Partisan Hack Is Complete
Mar. 16, 2021
Attorney General Mark Brnovich Fights To Uphold Arizona's Voter Suppression Law
"You’d think that politicians in a democracy would want more people to vote. Nope."
Feb. 12, 2020
Judge Orders Attorney General To Pay $1M In Legal Fees To Regents
“Please let the good people of Arizona know about how their taxpayer dollars are being put to work by the attorney general for yet another failed lawsuit,” wrote ASU spokeswoman Katie Paquet"
Feb. 7, 2020
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Signs On To Pres. Trump's Plan To End DACA
Sep. 3, 2019

May 13, 2019, Source                             

Arizona AG Wants Court To Block Phoenix Anti-Discrimination Law Against Business
Dec. 27, 2018
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Cheers Court Decision, Explains Why He Wants To End 'Obamacare
Dec. 20, 2018
Democratic Challenger: Arizona AGl Mark Brnovich Sides With Special Interests
Oct. 11, 2018

Oct. 3, 2018, Source                             

AG Mark Brnovich Swoops In To Help APS In Fight Against Prop. 127
Sep. 18, 2018
A.G. Mark Brnovich Is Shocked! Shocked! To Hear About Charter School Profiteering. (Does That Make Him The Education A.G.?)
Sep. 7, 2018
Brnovich Creates Political Game Over ABOR Tuition
Mar. 23, 2018
Arizona Joins 20-State Coalition Seeking To End 'Obamacare'
Feb. 27, 2018
Arizona Attorney General Makes Last Effort To Deny Licenses To Dreamers
Feb. 17, 2018
What Does Mark Brnovich Have Against The Disabled?
"Courts have repeatedly slapped down the Arizona attorney general's efforts to fight the rights of the disabled. Why is he still at it?"
Dec. 19, 2017
AG Mark Brnovich Creates A ‘Straw Man’ For Our Lawless Tea-Publican Legislature On Higher Ed Funding
Sep. 9, 2017
Arizona Lawmakers Weigh In On Case Pitting Gay Rights, Religious Rights
Sep. 9, 2017
Former Special Agent Tells Arizona Supreme Court Of Brnovich Corruption
May 19, 2016
APS Spent HOW MUCH To Get Mark Brnovich Elected AG?
Dec. 5, 2014
Center for Arizona Policy
2014 Candidate Questionnaire
Position Sought: Attorney General
Question 9: Arizona’s voter-approved constitutional definition of marriage should be defended to the fullest extent legally possible.
Candidates' Position: Support
Question 11: Adding “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” or “gender expression” to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in antidiscrimination law.
Candidates' Position: Oppose
Question 15: Protecting individuals and businesses from being required to provide services or use their artistic expression in a manner that violates their moral or religious beliefs.*
Candidates' Position: Support
* Discriminatory "Religious Freedom" laws.
The NOT Tom Horne Candidate Appears To Be Worse Than Tom Horne
"Mark Brnovich, AKA the NOT Tom Horne Republican candidate for AZ Attorney General is a Goldwater Institute and Tea Party guy who filed to run against Tom Horne over a year ago as a protest candidate back when no one thought Horne, with all his money, was vulnerable in a primary. Republicans knew that Horne would have a lot of baggage going up against Felecia Rotellini again but didn’t bother to recruit a less ragingly right wing back-up candidate just in case, you know, more damning revelations came out about Horne. Oops. Now, NOT Tom Horne’s supporters are working furiously to portray him as a mainstream guy who is totally not Tea Party."
Sep. 9, 2014
Arizona Political Candidates Hobnob With Cliven Bundy At GOP Picnic
Aug. 22, 2014
Brnovichs' Campaign Ads Violate Code Of Conduct
Feb. 5, 2014
Gambling Department Director Named By Governor Jan Brewer: Mark Brnovich, Legal Scholar
Mar. 31, 2009

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