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Karrin Taylor Robson, Republican, wealthy developer, former member of the Arizona Board of Regents and wife of Edward J. Robson, Founder & Chairman of Robson Communities. 2022 Republican extremist candidate for Arizona Governor. Karrin is a supporter of the "Big Lie" and would be a Governor for, by and of the richest Arizona Republicans only.

Who Is Karrin Taylor Robson Lying To When She Says The 2020 Election Wasn't Fair?
"Arizona governor wannabe Karrin Taylor Robson is either promoting a lie that the 2020 election was rigged against Trump or she's lying to Trump voters."
Jul. 27, 2022
AZ Republican Governor Candidate Karrin Robson: "At A Minimum The 2020 Election Was Not Fair At All"
"Well, at a minimum it was not fair at all. And we've learned a lot and we have to do things in order to restore confidence in our elections," she said.
Jun. 21, 2022
Arizona GOP Governor Hopeful Karrin Taylor Robson: The 2020 Election 'Wasnít Fair' To Trump
"Karrin Taylor Robson, a Republican candidate for Arizona governor, doesnít think Joe Biden was fairly elected president in 2020. Itís the most definitive statement she has made about the election during the course of her campaign, which launched nearly a year ago: ďJoe Biden may be the president, but the election wasnít fair.Ē Robsonís statement to The New York Times for a story about Republicans in Arizona centering their campaigns around bogus and debunked election fraud claims didnít include any elaboration on what she thought was unfair about an election that officials across Arizona and the country have said was the most safe and secure election in history. "
May 6, 2022

Karrin Taylor Robson Drops Controversial Fundraising Tactic After Questions About Refunds To Donors

Apr. 22, 2022

"Karrin is a unique spelling of a common name ⁠ó and 80-year-old Geraldine Lindigrin, who lives in Mississippi, doesn't know any Karrins.

So when she saw four charges to a "Karrin for" on her recent credit card statements, she was perplexed. A couple of the charges were during the time Lindigrin was in rehabilitation after a fall, when her account shouldn't have had activity, according to her daughter, Sherry. 

With the help of Google and many frustrating phone calls, the Lindigrins now know the octogenarian paid $100 to Karrin Taylor Robson's campaign for the Republican nomination for Arizona governor.

The enduring mystery is they don't know Taylor Robson, don't have an interest in Arizona politics and never intended to support her campaign.

The Lindigrins ultimately recouped those four donations after reporting them as fraud to American Express. But theirs are just a few of the more than 1,180 transactions totaling nearly $87,000 that Taylor Robson has refunded during her 11-month campaign, a large amount that suggests aggressive if not deceptive fundraising tactics.

Geraldine Lindigrin's credit card statements, and Taylor Robson's public campaign finance records, show the donations and refunds went through WinRed, a national GOP donation platform that is facing consumer protection investigations in four states. Lindigrin had used WinRed before, to donate to Donald Trump, donor records show.

"Iím pissed," Sherry Lindigrin said in a phone interview. "Excuse my language, I donít like to be so ugly. ... My mom has been through so much. I donít like anybody taken advantage of.Ē

The Taylor Robson campaign said refunds are a routine part of campaign business and charged that other gubernatorial campaigns with smaller refund rates were less transparent about their finances.

But after questions from The Arizona Republic, the campaign said it would end one controversial fundraising tactic that used pre-checked boxes to make donations recurring, like those withdrawn from Lindigrin's account. Instead of opting in to make regular future donations, contributors had to opt-out.

Highest number of refunds

Of nine candidates for governor, Taylor Robson far outpaces the pack when it comes to refunded donations.

Two of her leading GOP challengers, former Fox 10 anchor Kari Lake and former Congressman Matt Salmon, reported a total of seven refunds combined. Their rate of refunds to individual donors are less than one-half of 1%, while Taylor Robson's rate is just under 4%. 

Two Democratic candidates reported more refunds than GOP challengers, yet still far below Taylor Robson's count."

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Are They Robots? Stepford Wives? The Republicans Running For Governor Are Anything But Real.
"The ads are so over-the-top that Robson comes off as more of an SNL caricature of a politician than as someone who has a real understanding of the responsibilities of a governor or the problems facing our state, which include soaring rent and housing prices as well as under-resourced and short-staffed schools, none of which is mentioned in her ads."
Jan. 26, 2022

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Candidates website, Jan. 3, 2022

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