About Jan Brewer:
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
Jan Brewer Is Sacha Baron Cohen's Latest 'Who Is America?' Target
Aug. 19, 2018
Jan Brewer Goes Berserk On CNN: ‘I’m Fed Up’ With being Treated Like A ‘Bigot’ For Backing Trump
Jun. 26, 2016
Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Threatens To Sue the Internet For Calling Her Old
Sep. 2, 2015
Gov. Brewer Gives Staff Big Bonuses Despite Budget Cuts
Dec. 31, 2014
Brewer Fires Agency Head Who Exposed Wrongdoing
Oct. 20, 2014
First Gay Couples In Arizona Get Married, Gov. Jan Brewer Losing Her Shit
Oct. 17, 2014
Did Jan Brewer Punch A Reporter For Asking Her About Global Warming?
Dec. 5, 2012
Jan Brewer Asks Supreme Court To Strip Benefits From Same-Sex Partners
Jul. 8, 2012
Obama And Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Have Heated Exchange On Airport Tarmac
Jan. 25, 2012
Jan Brewer Investigated By Feds Over Criminally Insane Son's Social Security Benefits
Dec. 8, 2011
Jan Brewer's Sniveling New Memoir Laughably Paints Her as a Tough-as-Nails Governor
Dec. 1, 2011
Arizona Governor, AG Playing Politics With Medical Marijuana
Oct. 24, 2011
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Trying To Shut Down Medical Marijuana?
May 26, 2011
Governor Jan Brewer Signs Race/Gender-Based Abortion Bill. Non-Existent Problem Solved
Mar. 30, 2011
Arizona Death Panel Claims Another Victim
Jan. 5, 2011
Gov. Jan Brewer Talks Of Beheadings In The Arizona Desert
Sep. 8, 2010
Jan Brewer's Criminally Insane Son And His Mysteriously Sealed File
Sep. 3, 2010
Prison Lobbyists Working For AZ Gov. Brewer Are Set To Profit From Immigration Law She Signed
Jul. 26, 2010
Arizona Gov. Brewer Says 'Majority' Of Illegals Are 'Drug Mules'
Jun. 30, 2010
Jan Brewer Responds to Accusations That She Lied About Father's War Service By Not Even Mentioning That What She Said Wasn't True
Jun. 3, 2010
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer At It Again! Signs bill Targeting Ethnic Studies
May 12, 2010
Jan Brewer Signs Russell Pearce's Bigot Bill SB 1070 Into Law, Falsely Claims It Will Not Lead To Racial Profiling
Apr. 23, 2010


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