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What are contributions used for?


Contributions to Stonewall Democrats of Arizona may be used to make contributions to both state and state-wide candidates and committees registered in Arizona. Contributions help support LGBTQI and human rights issues such as marriage equality, immigration reform, choice, the economy and more. SDA may also at times use contributions to make media buys, Contributions and other monies may be used for social functions which promote the goals of Stonewall Democrats of Arizona.  Monies may also be used to lobby elected officials, cover administrative costs and inform Arizona voters on candidates, elected officials and legislation.


Who can contribute to Stonewall Democrats of Arizona?


Stonewall Democrats of Arizona accepts donations from clubs, organizations and individuals.  By law, corporations cannot make contributions to SDA.  Please note: Contributions made to Stonewall Democrats of Arizona are not tax deductible.


How do I contribute?


The easiest way to contribute to SDA is through our on-line account at "ActBlue" (The blue box to the left) or by clicking HERE.


Individual and personal contributions can be mailed to:


Stonewall Democrats of Arizona

P.O. Box 87222

Tucson, Arizona 85754-7222


Please note: Contributions to Stonewall Democrats of Arizona are not tax deductible.  Direct corporate contributions are prohibited by State law.  State Political Action Committees may transfer an unlimited amount of funds, as long as the Committees are registered in Arizona. If you have any questions, please mail us atinfo@stonewalldemsaz.org.