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A Letter from the
Hon. Barney Frank,
Founder of the
Stonewall Democrats
Democrats of Arizona.
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About Us:

History of the Stonewall name:

We take our name from the Stonewall Inn in New York City, the scene of a 1969 confrontation between gay patrons and an intolerant society. It is widely accepted that the equality movement was born here when police raided the gay establishment for allegedly serving liquor illegally. The patrons that June, having had enough harassment took an historic stand against hatred and discrimination. A three day riot inspired a revolution that has been a rallying point of our community for over a quarter century. President Clinton had the Stonewall Inn declared an official national historical site.

About Stonewall Democrats of Arizona:

Stonewall Democrats of Arizona is Arizona's leading statewide LGBTQI advocacy organization and the only statewide LGBTQI Democratic organization outside of the various LGBTQI Caucuses. We are currently registered with and recognized by the State of Arizona as a Political Action Committee (for/against committee) and with the federal government as a 527 organization. 

Stonewall Democrats of Arizona is first an LGBTQI organization. It is our goal and intent to help level the playing field, to promote equality . . . marriage, health, employment and more for the LGBTQI community.  Further, SDA will support equality across the board.  Intelligent weapons safety,  education, business and welfare, women's rights, the environment, student and senior rights...these are things SDA may also touch on.  Our goal is to keep elected Democratic officials in office and get more viable LGBTQI candidates and LGBTQI-friendly candidates elected, to stand against those in office (and sometimes without) who are against equality and civil rights, to fight harmful Arizona legislation and those who author it, put it forward and support it.  It will be the goal of Stonewall to not only educate the residents of Arizona in regards candidates, elected officials and legislation but to promote voter registration and encourage people to actually vote once they receive their ballot.  More, Stonewall Democrats of Arizona will attempt to not only involve the community in political activity and grass-roots activism but to encourage the youth of all orientations, all races, to learn their government, see the interconnectedness of Arizona politics with the rest of the nation and to become involved with the electoral process.

If you are interested in learning more, please join our mailing list or email us at stonewalldemsaz@gmail.com.

We can be reached by mail at:

Stonewall Democrats of Arizona

2772 West Highcliff Drive

Tucson, Arizona 85754

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