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About Us:


Stonewall Democrats of Arizona  is an statewide, Arizona LGBTQI Democratic club/PAC/Lobbying organization.  We are currently registered with and recognized by the State of Arizona as a Political Action Committee (for/against committee) and with the federal government as a 527 organization.  As a club SDA is able to do certain things, become involved in certain ways.  As a PAC, SDA is able to do things that most clubs and many political organizations cannot.  As a combined club AND PAC the potential is massive.  Stonewall Democrats of Arizona is an autonomous organization.


Being a State PAC, rather than a Federal PAC, Super PAC or Hyper PAC of any type allows us to work directly with any Arizona city, county or state candidate or elected official, allows us to work with any campaign, county party and the State party and, further, allows us to actually coordinate with any or all of these.  Being a State PAC allows us to receive donations from any American citizen, business or organization (except for corporations) in any amount to further the objectives of Stonewall Democrats and stand against the more radical and extreme candidates, office holders and organizations who attempt to prevent equality and stamp out civil rights.


In 1948 Alfred Kinsey posited that 1 in 10 people are, what we now call, LGBTQ.  Considering that in 2013 the estimated Arizona population was 6,626,624, if Kinsey was correct, then there were, in 2013, approximately 662,662.4 LGBTQ here in Arizona.  Add to that number friends, family and allies and we're talking a conservative estimate of about 700 THOUSAND potential equal rights voters.  This year, 2014, is the "mid-term" election, not a Presidential election.  "Mid-terms" usually have a VERY low voter turn out.  In Arizona in 2012 only about 2 million people voted....2 million out of 6 million...in a Presidential election!  Think for a moment what would have happened in Arizona if this 700 thousand had voted.  1070 would never have even been written.  SB 1062 would never have even been considered. 


Ultimately Jan Brewer was forced to veto Arizona SB 1062 but the damage was already done.  1062, 1070 and a great many other pieces of legislation cost Arizona several new businesses, thousands of new jobs but further, 1062 damaged the nation.  SB 1062 was drafted and pushed by an Arizona ultra-conservative organization, Center for Arizona Policy.  This organization pushed this same bill and the wording thereof in several other states.  Mississippi actually passed it.  Currently, one of Arizona's Republican front-runners for Governor has Cathi Harrod, one of the leaders of Arizona Center for Policy, as a paid advisor.  CAP isn't the only Arizona hate group. The American Nazi Party, Original North Phoenix Tea Party, Alliance Defending Freedom and the Goldwater institute are just a few others. ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) routinely uses Arizona as a testing ground for it's ultra conservative legislation before attempting to inflict it upon other states..  This is where Stonewall Democrats of Arizona comes in.


Stonewall Democrats of Arizona is first an LGBTQI organization.  It is our goal and intent to help level the playing field, to promote equality...marriage, health, employment and more for the LGBTQI community.  Further, SDA will support equality across the board.  Intelligent weapons safety,  education, business and welfare, women's rights, the environment, student and senior rights...these are things SDA may also touch on.  Our goal is to keep elected Democratic officials in office and get more of our candidates elected, to stand against those in office (and sometimes without) who are against equality and civil rights, to fight harmful Arizona legislation and those who author it, put it forward and support it.  It will be the goal of Stonewall to not only educate the residents of Arizona in regards candidates, elected officials and legislation but to promote voter registration and encourage people to actually vote once they receive their ballot.  More, Stonewall Democrats of Arizona will attempt to not only involve the community in political activity and grass-roots activism but to encourage the youth of all orientations, all races, to learn their government, see the interconnectedness of Arizona politics with the rest of the nation and to become involved with the electoral process.

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