Tom Crosby
Far-right extremist Republican. Conspiracy theorist, former Sierra Vista, Arizona Councilman, Border Patrol agent. Trump supporter and vaccine denier.
2 Cochise County Supervisors Ordered To Pay Legal Fees
"Two Cochise County supervisors have been ordered to pay up for refusing to certify the 2022 election. A Pima County judge ordered Republicans Peggy Judd and Tom Crosby to pay more than $36,000 in legal fees. It's unclear if the money will come out of their pockets or if taxpayers will pick up the tab. Judd and Crosby refused to certify the county-wide election results, claiming the electronic tabulators were not properly certified, but they were sued by the Secretary of State's office and lost – and now have to pay the legal fees for the opposing side."
Apr. 10, 2023
Recall Petitions Circulating For Cochise County Supervisor
"Petitions are now circulating to recall Cochise County Supervisor Tom Crosby. The Committee to Recall Tom Crosby says the reason is tied to Crosby’s refusal to certify the 2022 midterm election, an act that violated Arizona election law. In order to trigger a recall, The Committee to Recall Tom Crosby has 120 days to gather 4,865 signatures within district one of Cochise County. Cochise County Elections Director Lisa Marra said that only those who reside within Crosby’s district can sign petitions. Eric Suchodolski, the chair of the committee, said the committee was formed out of frustration that Crosby, a Republican, delayed certification past the Nov. 28 deadline, which threatened to place more than 47,000 votes on the chopping block from last November’s election canvas."
Jan. 1, 2023
Hobbs Asks For Tom Crosby And Peggy Judd To Be Prosecuted For Delaying The Election Canvass
"Supervisors Crosby and Judd’s actions not only demonstrate a complete disregard for the law but also jeopardize Arizona’s democracy,” she wrote. “Had a court not intervened, the failure of these two Supervisors to uphold their duty would have disenfranchised thousands of Cochise County voters. This blatant act of defying Arizona’s election laws risks establishing a dangerous precedent that we must discourage.” Crosby and Judd threw the state certification process into disarray last month when they delayed their official canvassing of the midterm election results in Cochise County, citing bogus claims that electronic tabulators didn’t meet state or federal standards. It was only after a court ordered them to complete their statutorily mandated duties that they did so on Dec. 1, days after the Nov. 28 deadline."
Dec. 2, 2022


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