Constantin Querard


Far right political consultant and lobbyist based in Phoenix.
Back Story: Meet The Man Who Used Clean Elections To Make Arizona More Conservative
"They say everything old becomes new again, and that can be especially true in politics."
Aug. 23, 2023
Arizona Secretary Of State: You Can't Serve Two Masters
Nov. 29, 2016
APS Hires Army Of Lobbyists To Thwart Solar Initiative
"The new lobbyists hired to do APS’ bidding...Constantin Querard, and Willetta Partners."
Apr. 26, 2016
Mocking Victims Of Violence? That’s Low, Even For Constantin Querard And Other Republican “Opinion Makers”
"He specializes in fringy, tea party-type candidates, but he’ll take a retainer from...pretty much any Republican."
May 1, 2014
Constantin Querard's Taxpayer-Paid Bootlickers David Gowan, Steve Montenegro, Carl Seel, Steve Smith, And Kelly Townsend
"If you're political sleaze maestro Constantin Querard, the Arizona Legislature is practically your own personal Downton Abbey. Querard's team of taxpayer-funded butlers, bootblacks, and maids is extensive -- at least 20, by his own claim -- in the both the upper and lower chambers."
Feb. 26, 2013
Best Political Pimp | Constantin Querard
"Far-right political consultant Constantin Querard has always sold himself as a true believer, one willing to prevaricate his butt off and break every rule in the book as long as an ideologically correct candidate (from his point of view) gets elected. Over the years, he's backed wingnuts like recalled, disgraced ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, House members Carl Seel and Kelly Townsend, and state Senator Al Melvin. Nearly all the wackos in the Arizona Legislature owe him something."
Wil Cardon's 'Sleazy' Political Consultant Constantin Querard!
Jun. 13, 2012
Russell Pearce's Pal Constantin Querard's New Signs And Web Site
"Butter wouldn't melt in Constantin Querard's mouth. Querard's one of the sleazy backers of state Senate President Russell Pearce, and as you all now know, he's suspected of being the "brains" behind the sham candidacy of recall queen-for-a-day Olivia Cortes. He also has a history in Arizona politics of shady deals and dirty pool. And it has been suggested, though not proven by any means, that he could have been behind those mysterious "Si, Se Puede" signs of Cortes'. The ones the City of Mesa has finally taken down, and which the Arizona Secretary of State's Office is finally probing. It would be easy for him. He does have his own printing company, High Noon Campaign Products. Have called and e-mailed Querard about this, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. That's OK. I know he's busy these days dodging TV cameras.
Oct. 1, 2011
Ruling Prevents Political Consultant From Using Mailing Lists
Sep. 4, 2004
The Skinny - Ballot Boxed
Sep. 2, 2004

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