About Trent Franks:
Rep. Trent Franks' Absolutely Bizarre Resignation Letter
Dec, 8, 2017
Arizona GOP Rep. Trent Franks To Resign Following Sexual Harassment Claim
Dec. 7, 2017
Rep. Trent Franks Is Full Of Beans About Robert Mueller
Nov. 1, 2017
Four Arizona Republicans Vote To Let Puerto Ricans Die
Oct. 13, 2017
The Bill To Ban Abortion At 20 Weeks Is Based On Fake Science
Oct. 3, 2017
Arizona Lawmakers Weigh In On Case Pitting Gay Rights, Religious Rights
Sep. 9, 2017
"This Republican Congressman has absolutely no problem with a foreign country committing cyber-espionage — well, at least as long as it's targeting the Democrats."
Trent Franks Proposed What? His Amendment To Survey Islamic Thought Shot Down In House
Jul. 14, 2017
Az GOP Congressmen Call For End Of Ironwood, Sonoran Nat'l Monuments
Jul. 5, 2017
GOP Rep.: Bales Of Marijuana Concealing Nukes Can Cross Border
Feb. 22, 2017
Rep. (Or Is It Comrade?) Trent Franks Praises Criminal Russian Hackers
Dec. 30, 2016
GOP Rep. Goes On Bonkers Rant Over Hillary Allowing ‘Murder Of Half-Million Little Tiny Women Every Year’
Oct. 11, 2016

Trent Franks: Every Study Shows Same-Sex Couples Don't Make Good Parents

Jun. 1, 2016
Arizona Congressman’s Tweet About Bill Of Rights Unfortunately Fails On Every Level
Dec. 15, 2015

Trent Franks, Founder, Center For Arizona Policy

Apr. 3, 2014

Trent Franks Agrees That Obama Is Either A Secret Muslim Or Acting Just Like One
Dec. 20, 2013
Republican Presiding Over VRA Hearing Once Claimed Abortion Worse Than Slavery
Jul. 17, 2013
Rep. Trent Franks: Just Another Idiot When It Comes To Abortion
Jun. 14, 2013
Trent Franks: ‘The Incidence Of Rape Resulting In Pregnancy Are Very Low’
Jun. 12, 2013

Who Is Trent Franks?

Jun. 12, 2013

Trent Franks Makes List Of The 10 Weirdest Members of Congress
Feb. 28, 2013
Here Are The Republicans Who Voted 'No' On Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds
Jan. 4, 2013
FAIR Game? How GOP Politicians Are Trying to secretly influence the IRC
Oct. 31, 2011
What The Hell Is Wrong With Arizona? Let's Start With Trent Franks
Mar. 8, 2011
Trent Franks Is A Climate Change Denier
Aug. 15, 2010

Rep. Trent Franks: Blacks Better Off Under Slavery

Feb. 26, 2010


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Trent Franks