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About Steve Smith:

Senate Approves Watered Down Gun Bill
"Sen. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa, took out language which also would have allowed family members, school administrators, probation officers, behavioral health professionals, roommates and “significant others” to go to court to seek what are known as Severe Threat Orders of Protection."
May 1, 2018
Lawmakers Want To Force Unemployed To Take ‘Suitable’ Work
"State Sen. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa, is the sponsor of the legislation."
Mar. 19, 2018
Arizona ALEC Politicians
Mar. 15, 2018
Arizona Sen. Steve Smith: Border Security Trust Fund Money Wasn't Actually For A Wall
"Sen. Steve Smith of Maricopa now denies the fund was actually for building a wall, but said it was good PR at the time."
Dec. 13, 2017
Statement On DACA Decision From AZ State Senator Steve Smith
"President Trump was right to end DACA as it was an unconstitutional power grab by former President Obama."
Dec. 6, 2017
Steve Smith Uses "Alternative Constitution" To Target Undocumented; President Trump Out-Scapegoats Them All
Feb. 7, 2017
Names Secret After Shootings
"Senate Bill 1445 an attack on government transparency at a time when American police departments are trying to earn the public’s trust after a series of controversial shootings...The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Steve Smith, a Republican, did not return calls this week."
Mar. 22, 2015
English Only Law Proposed In Arizona Would Restrict Government Mailings To Spanish Speakers
"State Rep. Steve Smith has filed legislation that would prohibit mailing government documents in languages other than English"
Feb. 7, 2013
New Arizona Bill Wants Hospitals Policing Immigration
"Proposed last week by Republican state Rep. Steve Smith, HB 2293 would require hospital workers to verify the immigration status of uninsured people seeking care."
Jan. 28, 2013
Could This Arizona Pinhead Be The Worst Legislator In America?
Jan. 26, 2013
Russell Pearce's Pet Cockroach Steve Smith Tries to Give Pearce $260K Of Your Money, Again
Jan. 23, 2013
The Man Behind Arizona's Border Fence
Jul. 26, 2011
Steve Smith Is ‘An Empty Vessel’
Oct. 25, 2010


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