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Serial homophobe and 2024 Republican candidate for President Ron DeSantis is an American politician serving since 2019 as the 46th governor of Florida. A member of the Republican Party, DeSantis represented Florida's 6th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018.

Trump Judge Spanks Ron DeSantis For Retaliating Against A Democratic Rival
"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis faced a sharp, surprising rebuke from a conservative appeals court on Wednesday, which dealt him a major setback in his quest to banish state prosecutor Andrew Warren from office. In fact, “setback” may be too mild a term: DeSantis got smoked at the court, which effectively accused him of abusing his office to punish Warren on the basis of protected speech. Most surprisingly, the governor’s harshest critic was Judge Kevin Newsom, a staunchly conservative Donald Trump appointee who went out of his way to charge DeSantis with an unconstitutional assault on “representative democracy.”"
Jan. 11, 2024
US Presidential Hopeful DeSantis Criticized Over 'Homophobic' Video
"Gay Republicans criticized as "homophobic" a video posted by Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis' campaign highlighting rival Donald Trump's past statements in support of gay rights, and the former president declined at a rally on Saturday to respond to the attack. Florida Governor DeSantis' campaign posted the video on Twitter late on Friday, saying it marked the end of a month of LGBTQ+ pride celebrations." [ . . .] "It was unclear who originally produced the video, which featured a montage of muscle-bound men, bolts of electricity flying from DeSantis' eyes, and activists lamenting what they characterized as his efforts to restrict transgender rights."
Jul. 1, 2023
Ron DeSantis Faces One Setback After Another In Battle Against LGBTQ Rights
"Multiple federal court decisions have frozen key portions of Ron DeSantis’ campaign against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in recent weeks, complicating the Florida governor’s efforts to present himself as a conservative champion with a track record of winning cultural battles over LGBTQ causes. In the last week alone, the DeSantis administration faced setbacks in three legal battles over LGBTQ rights. Judges rejected state efforts to block transgender adults’ access to gender-affirming care under Medicaid, bar transgender children from accessing puberty blockers, and ban minors from certain types of live entertainment at restaurants — legislation widely interpreted as a proposal to target drag shows. DeSantis’ agenda has hit other roadblocks, with judges blocking portions of his plans to control teaching and training on gender identity in schools and workplaces. The governor also faces ongoing litigation over his efforts to ban transgender athletes from competing on sports teams of their declared gender and to restrict access to school books, including those with LGBTQ themes."
Jun. 30, 2023
Some Raise Ethical Questions As DeSantis Campaigns While Governing
"DeSantis’ pursuit of a presidential bid has Republicans and Democrats questioning whether he values the traditional separation between his role as the governor for all of Florida, and his role as the candidate seeking the GOP nomination for president. Those questions have led to a state ethics complaint and a state elections complaint against DeSantis and his aides, who have been seen as increasingly blurring the lines between official state business and political work meant to advance DeSantis’ political aspirations. There are also two federal complaints alleging campaign finance law violations related to the governor’s super PAC."
Jun. 22, 2023
Fried Files Ethics Complaints Against DeSantis’ State Staff Over Political Fundraising
"The leader of the Florida Democratic Party filed ethics complaints against three top Gov. Ron DeSantis staffers who asked lobbyists and lawmakers for donations to the governor’s presidential campaign."
Jun. 21,2023
Ron DeSantis Is Playing Fast and Loose With Campaign Finance Laws
"About the only thing going right so far for Ron DeSantis in his neophyte presidential campaign is the money. But the way he is pulling it in is legally dubious, to say the least: The GOP presidential hopeful appears to be pioneering all sorts of ways to flout federal campaign finance law, both to goose his coffers and to allow his supposedly independent super PAC to run core elements of his campaign. The most glaring example? Using $82.5 million from his state-level super PAC—which was created to support his gubernatorial ambitions—to juice his national run. First things first: Super PACs, according to campaign finance law, are supposed to operate independently of campaigns and their candidates. That independence is what allows them to raise infinite amounts of money from corporations and the super rich, thanks to the conservative Supreme Court majority ruling in Citizens United. But DeSantis’ super PACs aren’t just working closely with his campaign—they’re taking over entire core campaign functions."
Jun. 21,2023
Ron DeSantis Fumes About Pride flag At White House
"Florida’s Governor is involved in a flag flap in the wake of a White House Pride celebration, but it’s not entirely clear if he has command of the facts of the matter. Ron DeSantis groused to reporters in Fort Pierce that the Joe Biden administration privileged the rainbow-colored Pride flag over the U.S. flag, calling it a “transgender” banner."
Jun. 21, 2023
Florida’s New Budget Offers A Window Into DeSantis’ Depravity
"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ signing of his state’s annual budget stayed true to form. And everything about it — from the presentation to the budget’s actual content — spoke to the governor’s persona as an elitist bigot. The Tampa Bay Times gave an accurate description of the budget, writing: “This year, DeSantis cut numerous diversity and social programs while preserving billions of dollars to carry out his conservative political agenda.” The governor, who signed the budget Thursday at a yacht club, declined to publicly announce his line-item vetoes, as he has in years past. Nonetheless, he used his legal authority to slash various programs that don’t align with his right-wing agenda. (You can read the full list of vetoes here.) The cuts included money for a gun violence prevention program, more than a dozen drainage projects, and repairs and renovations for nearly two dozen public broadcasting stations. Meanwhile, DeSantis approved $12 million for the cruel stunts in which he flies migrants around the country, and millions more for conservative educational institutions as DeSantis’ administration targets inclusive learning plans."
Jun. 20,2023
11 Republican Presidential Hopefuls And Their Awful Anti-LGBTQ+ Records
"Arguably the most anti-LGBTQ+ presidential candidate in U.S. history, Ron DeSantis has made it the mission of his governorship to attack queer and trans people, whether it’s children or families, or adults. In addition to his draconian “don’t say gay” law that forbids the discussion of the existence of LGBTQ+ people or their experiences in the world in schools through high school graduation, he has stripped parents of the right to access life-saving, medically proven, and endorsed care for their children. His administration has rolled back access to books, medical care, bathrooms, and most public accommodations for transgender people in the state."
Jun. 9, 2023
DeSantis Is Public Enemy No. 1 Of The LGBTQ Community
"There’s a cloud over this year’s Pride celebrations following the introduction of more than 500 state bills targeting LGBTQ rights and the ominous rise of Ron DeSantis as a top contender for the GOP presidential nomination."
Jun. 8, 2023
'Fear And Hostility': DeSantis Legislation Prompts Florida Cities To Cancel, Restrict Pride Events
"At least two Florida cities have seen Pride celebrations canceled in the wake of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signing bills impacting the LGBTQ community."
Jun. 2,2023
DeSantis Signs Bills Targeting Drag Shows, Transgender Kids And The Use Of Bathrooms And Pronouns
"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed bills Wednesday that ban gender-affirming care for minors, target drag shows, restrict discussion of personal pronouns in schools and force people to use certain bathrooms. DeSantis has made anti-LGBTQ+ legislation a large part of his agenda as he prepares to seek the Republican presidential nomination. "
May 22, 2023
NAACP Issues Travel Advisory For Florida, Says State Is ‘Openly Hostile’ Toward Black, LGBTQ People Under Gov. DeSantis
"The NAACP on Saturday issued a formal travel advisory for Florida saying the state is openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. “Before traveling to Florida, please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of, and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color,” the NAACP Board of Directors wrote in a statement. NAACP said the advisory comes in direct response to Gov. Ron DeSantis and his “aggressive attempts to erase Black history and to restrict diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in Florida schools.”"
May 22, 2023
In One Day, Ron DeSantis Signed Five Bills Severely Restricting Trans Rights In Florida
"Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rang in the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia by signing yet another stack of anti-trans bills into law. The governor hosted a press conference in Tampa on Wednesday morning for the signing of the “Let Kids Be Kids” package, consisting of five bills. That includes Senate Bill 254, which imposes harsh restrictions on gender-affirming care for both minors and adults. House Bill 1069 bans trans students from being able to use their correct pronouns and allows anyone in a school district to flag classroom or library material that contains sexual content for potentially permanent removal. HB 1438 bans minors from drag performances with hefty penalties for establishments that might violate its provisions. HB 1521 would ban trans people from using the correct gendered facilities in schools, prisons, or any “public buildings.” Last but not least, HB 225 gives the state government control over the Florida High School Athletic Association “to ensure women’s sports are protected,” which is right-wing code for anti-trans sports bans."
May 17, 2023
Ron DeSantis Signs ‘Right To Discriminate’ Law That Could Be Used Against LGBTQ+ Patients
"A new law in Florida will soon allow doctors to turn away LGBTQ+ patients, citing religious and moral objections. Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed a “protections of medical conscience” bill as part of a so-called “medical freedom” agenda."
May 13, 2023
DeSantis To Expand ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law To All Grades
"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ′ administration is moving to forbid classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in all grades, expanding the controversial law critics call “Don’t Say Gay” as the Republican governor continues to focus on cultural issues ahead of his expected presidential run. The proposal, which would not require legislative approval, is scheduled for a vote next month before the state Board of Education and has been put forward by the state Education Department, both of which are led by appointees of the governor. The rule change would ban lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity from grades 4 to 12, unless required by existing state standards or as part of reproductive health instruction that students can choose not to take. The initial law that DeSantis championed last spring bans those lessons in kindergarten through the third grade. The change was first reported by the Orlando Sentinel. "
Mar. 22, 2023
DeSantis Appointee To New Disney Oversight Board Suggested Tap Water Could Turn People Gay
"An appointee to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new oversight board in control of Disney’s special tax district called homosexuality “evil” last year and shared a baseless conspiracy theory that tap water could be making more people gay. On Monday, the Republican governor appointed Ron Peri, an Orlando-based former pastor and the CEO of The Gathering – a Christian ministry focused on outreach to men – as one of five people who will now oversee the Reedy Creek Improvement District" [ . . . ] "A CNN KFile review of Peri’s past comments found that he frequently made derogatory remarks about the LGBTQ community."
Mar. 3, 2023
DeSantis Calling Special Session To Punish Disney For Opposing Anti-LGBTQ Law
"Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has called a special legislative session to finalize the government’s decision to revoke Disney’s control of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The state’s legislature voted last year to strip the media company of special taxing and self-governance provisions in the area around its Florida park after the company opposed the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill that placed widespread restrictions on the discussion of LGBTQ related topics in schools."
Feb. 2, 2023
DeSantis Pushes Ban On Diversity Programs In State Colleges
"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday announced plans to block state colleges from having programs on diversity, equity and inclusion, and critical race theory in his latest step onto the front lines of the nation’s culture wars."
Feb. 1, 2023
DeSantis Blames 'Queer Theory' For AP African American Studies Course Rejection
"Monday morning, Florida’s anti-LGBTQ+ Republican governor, Gov. Ron DeSantis, addressed questions about his education department’s recent rejection of an AP African American Studies course, claiming its inclusion of queer theory made it inappropriate for Florida’s students to learn. According to DeSantis, the advanced placement course on Black history included a lesson on “queer theory,” which runs afoul of the governor’s “don’t say gay” law. “This course, when I heard it, didn’t meet the standards. I figured, ‘Yeah, they may be doing CRT,’” DeSantis told reporters in Jacksonville. “It’s way more than that. This course on Black history, what [is] one of the lessons about? Queer theory. Now, who would say that’s an important part of Black history, Queer theory? That is somebody pushing an agenda on our kids.”"
Jan. 23, 2023
DeSantis Admin Rages Over National Hockey League’s Diversity Effort
"The Florida governor’s office leaned on the NHL (yes, that NHL) after the league announced a diversity job fair for underrepresented demographic groups."
Jan. 17, 2023
Ron DeSantis Mocks LGBTQ People In Campaign Mailer To Florida Voters
"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is pushing bigotry and lies in a recent mailer his campaign sent out to voters ahead of next week’s midterm elections."
Nov. 2, 2022
Ron DeSantis’s War On LGBTQ People Is Essential To His Agenda
"The campaign by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis against LGBTQ people has escalated over the last week, roping in the state’s health and law enforcement officials. On Thursday, DeSantis removed State Attorney Andrew Warren from office, citing Warren’s pledge not to use the resources of his office to criminalize gender-affirming health care for minors or abortion. The next day, the state Board of Medicine voted to consider banning gender-affirming health care for trans kids, after the state Department of Health proposed prohibitions on both medical and social transition for minors, with the approval of DeSantis. By purging a dissenting state prosecutor and marshaling public health bodies to his purpose in just the last week, DeSantis is growing his reach—not just as a national right-wing figure, but as a political leader who commands obedience across yet more state agencies. His anti-LGBTQ agenda is now moving into a new heightened state of criminalization, one which also demonstrates how DeSantis wields power."
Aug. 9, 2022
DeSantis Moves To Ban Transition Care For Transgender Youths, Medicaid Recipients
"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration Thursday asked the state board regulating doctors to essentially ban transition-related care for transgender minors, according to a letter obtained by NBC News. The state Health Department made the request hours after another state agency issued a 46-page report to justify banning Medicaid coverage for transgender people of any age who want puberty blockers, hormone therapies or gender-reassignment surgery."
Jun. 2, 2022
DeSantis Signs Florida’s Contentious LGBTQ Bill Into Law
"Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed legislation that he said will expand parental rights in Florida while restricting classroom lessons on gender identity or sexual orientation, codifying into law the fiercely opposed bill branded “Don’t Say Gay” by LGBTQ advocates. The Republican governor faced intense pressure from Florida and beyond to veto the proposal. The measure received widespread condemnation from Democrats — including from President Joe Biden, Hollywood figures and scores of companies such as Walt Disney Co., which donations in the state as a response to the bill."
Mar. 28, 2022
On The First Day Of Pride Month, Florida Signed A Transgender Athlete Bill Into Law
"Florida's Republican governor signed a bill Tuesday barring transgender females from playing on public school teams intended for student athletes born as girls, plunging the state into the national culture war over transgender rights."
Jun. 2, 2021
DeSantis Does About-Face After Omitting LGBTQ From Pulse Proclamation
"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis did an about-face on Wednesday after coming under withering criticism from the LGBTQ community, issuing a revised proclamation to commemorate the anniversary of a mass shooting at a gay nightclub that left 49 dead. The Republican initially had issued a on the eve of the anniversary of the June 12, 2016, attack on Orlando’s Pulse nightclub that included no reference to the LGBTQ community or LGBTQ victims of the attack. "
Jun. 12, 2019

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