Sheriff Mark Dannels

  Sheriff Mark J. Dannels (Republican Party) is the current Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona

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Congressman Andy Biggs, Sheriff Dannels and Republican Congressman Brian Babbins (Texas)

Arizona Border Sheriff Inflated Migrant Release Numbers In TV Comments, Official Data Shows

May 14, 2022

"Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels recently appeared on network television with some jaw-dropping remarks: 38,000 migrants came “across the southeast corner of the state of Arizona” and 21,000 of them “were released into the United States” in February."
Dannels, who serves as chair for the National Sheriffs Association’s Border Security Committee and is a member of the Arizona Homeland Security-Regional Advisory Council, has been a frequent guest on Fox news shows for the past year.
Of Arizona’s four border county sheriffs, he has garnered attention for his outspoken commitment on border security and his office’s efforts in expanding a real-time, motion-activated camera system on the border to monitor and alert agents about illegal crossings. His office is leading an inter-agency operation to deter and apprehend drivers who smuggle people into the U.S."

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"In his TV appearance, Dannels said 21,000 unauthorized migrants crossing through Cochise were released into the U.S. that month. That number doesn't reflect data routinely released to the public. The fate of most migrants breaching the national boundary through the Tucson Sector is expulsion under Title 42.
Dannels also cited accurate statistics in a number of misleading ways.
He quoted high apprehension and got-aways numbers as if they were from Cochise County, while the statistics belonged to the whole Border Patrol Tucson Sector.
He said only 995 unauthorized migrants were returned to Mexico in February and 21,000 were released into the United States.
The data shows more than 17,600 were expelled back to Mexico under Title 42. About 3,500 were placed into regular immigration proceedings.
Dannels did not provide a detailed response on why he used Tucson Sector numbers instead of Cochise County and how he came to the 21,000 number."
Dannels, Others Fired From Homeland Security Advisory Council
Sheriff Mark Dannels, along with several other individuals, has been dismissed from the Homeland Security Advisory Council, a bipartisan panel put in place by the Obama and Trump administrations. The “pink slip” to Dannels and about 29 other members of the advisory group was a letter dated March 26 from Alejandro Mayorkas, the new secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Mayorkas was recently appointed by the Biden administration to head the federal agency.
May 5, 2022

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