Lydia Hernandez:
(aka Bad Lydia)

Texas Education Group Banned Phoenix City Council Candidate Over Behavior
"Hernandez has apparently allowed mental health issues to cloud her judgment, and her lack of character, empathy, decency and prudence makes it extremely difficult to fathom the possibility of respect for her as Chair of our National Hispanic Council,"
Feb. 22, 2019
Lydia Hernandez | Planned Parenthood Advocates Of Arizona
"Lydia Hernández...made her opposition to reproductive rights known in 2013 when she signed the Center for Arizona Policy statement denouncing Roe v. Wade."
Jul. 6, 2016

Former Az Democratic State Legislator Lydia Hernandez Says There’s No Voter Suppression!

Apr. 12. 2016

Lydia Hernández Endorses Republican Michele Reagan For Secretary Of State
Oct. 16, 2014

Democrat AZ Representative Lydia Hernandez Endorses Doug Ducey

Oct. 9, 2014

Why Do Weak Democratic Candidates Think They Must Settle For GOP Table Scraps?

Oct. 3, 2014

Know Your Anti-Choice Democratic Candidates In Arizona. Part 2.

Aug. 5, 2014

Carlos Galindo National Political Show Host: Mary Rose Wilcox Should Reject Lydia Hernandez' Endorsement Of Wilcox For CD
May 6, 2014

"Are You Gay?" AZ District 29 Legislative Debate

Stonewall Democrats of Arizona denounce Lydia Hernández

Stonewall Democrats of Arizona
3 May, 2014



On Wednesday, April 31, 2014 the West Side Town Hall Steering Committee held a bipartisan candidate debate for legislative candidates in district 29 (a Phoenix LD). During the event Francisco Mendoza, a top financial donor and campaign manager for LD 29 State House Rep. Lydia Hernández, asked "when it comes to preferences, and we have children here so I will not say the word, when it comes to those love preferences, do you prefer the same gender?" While questions of this sort are common among the Tea Party, they are out of place amongst Democrats. A person’s orientation should have no bearing in regards elected office. She did not at that time, nor since, distance herself or her campaign from these comments and has not denounced them or her manager in any way. Stonewall has repeatedly attempted to contact Rep. Hernández in regards this issue but with no results. In consideration of these comments and others, the failure of Rep. Hernández to denounce Mr. Mendoza and reject his comments, Stonewall Democrats of Arizona, as of today (May 3) denounce LD-29 State Representative Lydia Hernández and support the candidacy of State Rep. Martin Quezada for State Senate LD-29. 

Activist: Another Woman Posed As Her In Interview

The Arizona Republic
First Posted: Mon, Dec 20 2010 5:49 PM
By: Emily Gersema

A Phoenix civil rights and immigration advocate says another activist has impersonated her on a local radio talk show.


Lydia Guzman, who is the leader of Somos America, said she learned recently that a July 28th broadcast of the local public radio show on KJZZ, “Here and Now,” featured a phone interview about immigration with a woman who claimed she was Guzman of Somos America.


But Guzman said she did not give the interview.


“It was Lydia Hernandez,” Guzman said she realized after listening to the recording. “Throughout the interview on NPR, the guy kept saying ‘Lydia Guzman’ and throughout that whole time, she didn’t say she was Lydia Hernandez.”


Hernandez didn’t immediately return phone calls seeking comment.


Guzman said Hernandez is not affiliated with Somos America.


“A lot of folks in the community confuse us,” Guzman said. “There were a couple of other times people like journalists from out of town would call someone and say they’re looking for Lydia.”


Community members have sometimes given Hernandez’s phone number unaware that the journalists wanted to speak to Guzman, she said.


Guzman said this happened a few years ago with producers for Univision’s now-defunct TV talk show in Miami, “Cristina.”


Producers were looking to reach Guzman but instead unknowingly called Hernandez. Guzman said Hernandez didn’t tell them until the show was nearly on air that she was not Guzman. Guzman said she learned later what happened and let it go.


But with this latest incident, Guzman said she is asking attorneys what she can do to stop it from happening again. “Why would she do this? This is so odd, weird and bizarre to usurp my identity,” Guzman said.


Hernandez is currently governing board president of Cartwright Elementary School District in the Maryvale area in west Phoenix.


Next month, she is expected to face a community recall effort for leading the ouster of a well-liked superintendent, Michael Martinez.


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