Kevin Cavanaugh

Republican Kevin Cavanaugh was a 2018 special election candidate who sought election to the U.S. House to represent the 8th Congressional District of Arizona. Cavanaugh was elected to the Pinal County Board of Supervisors in 2020. He has previously run for a variety of different offices.

Case Settled For Pinal County Employees Who Claim They Were Defamed By Elected Official
"A $40,000 settlement has been reached to resolve a defamation case that accused a Pinal County elected official of spreading false information about two county employees. Garland Shreves and Amanda Stanford, who both work in the Pinal County Attorney's Office, filed a lawsuit last summer against county officials that accused Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh of trying to tarnish their reputations."
Apr. 28, 2023
2nd Arizona County Mulling Hand-Counts Rejects Effort
"During Wednesday’s meeting of the all-Republican Pinal County board, Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh proposed doubling or tripling the number of precincts chosen for the post-election hand-count audit. He pointed to the repeated and unfounded claims by former President Donald Trump about ballot tabulation machines that have fired up his supporters"
Nov. 2, 2022
Letter to the Editor: Cavanaugh Corruption
"As if news of Supervisor Cavanaugh's alleged unauthorized break-in to the Coolidge Elections Office wasn't enough, now news of what appears to be the most self-bloated budget ever incurred by a Pinal County Supervisor. This, from a guy who signed off his incendiary 2021 blog Politrak with the words "Protecting Individual Rights – Kevin Cavanaugh". His budget numbers show that he is absolutely protecting his individual interests on the backs of the taxpayer's of Pinal County. With arrogance, he states that "HR has to catch up" - to him!"
Jun. 16, 2022
WTF Pinal County Board Of Supervisors?
"In a 3/2 vote on this past Wednesday, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors voted to reject a $3.4 million federal grant for improving vaccine equity. Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh (District 1), led the charge to deny the funding, questioning whether Pinal County had a need for a “vaccine equity coordinator”, which the grant mandated be established. The grant also funded vaccination efforts like mobile vaccine clinics. County Public Health Services District employees were stunned by the move with the director, Dr. Tascha Spears, saying “I just simply would like to note that our public health team is deeply disappointed”."
Sep. 5, 2021
A Trump Supporter’s Guide To 2018 Midterm Election Candidates
Sep. 18, 2017
Cavanaugh Accused Of Federal Violation In Connection With CD1 Campaign
Jul. 24, 2017
Another PCSO Employee Ignores Resign To Run Rule
Apr. 27, 2017

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