Stonewall Democrats Denounce LD-4

Democratic House Candidate

Jose Suarez

19 July, 2014, 9:11 AM

"Family is between a man and a woman"...


Stonewall Democrats Denounce LD-4 Democratic House Candidate Jose Suarez

On Wednesday July 9th, Arizona Clean Elections sponsored a debate for Legislative District 4 House candidates at the Hampton Inn in Yuma.  During the debate, Jose Suarez, one of the three Democratic candidates for the district, stated that he opposes gay marriage because two males wouldn’t be able to procreate, and “the family is something that is created between a man and a woman. Mr. Suarez also stated he only supports abortion in the case of birth defects of the child or when the pregnancy presents danger to the mother’s life.

Stonewall Democrats find it despicable that Mr. Suarez would use the tired Republican extremist argument that marriage is procreation based.  Along his line of thinking men not able to father a child and women not able to conceive a child should not be allowed to marry.  Further, Stonewall very strongly supports a women's right to chose.  Each woman and each man should have the absolute right to decide what is best for themselves, what is best for their own body.  Mr. Suarez stated that even in the case of rape a woman should have no right to abort.

While we at Stonewall appreciate the fact that Mr. Suarez "respects the community of homosexuals" we strongly condemn and denounce his comments along with he and his candidacy and would ask that voters in LD-4 who believe that all people are created equal side with us and elect Charlene Fernandez and Lisa Otondo for the Arizona House of Representatives.