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First Posted: August 20, 2012 at 4:49pm
By John Lyon
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"My name is John Lyon, and I am running as a write-in candidate for the Republican nomination for US Senate. My platform is designed to serve the best interests of the American people under the US Constitution.


My proposal for “comprehensive” immigration reform is two-fold: I propose to make it a federal felony, with mandatory prison on a first offense, to be in the United States without permission. I further propose to put military units on the southern border with orders to use lethal force if necessary against would-be illegal border crossers.

Thousands of Americans die every year at the hands of illegal aliens driving drunk or committing other crimes. Their blood is on the federal government’s hands. The drugs that enter America across our southern border are wreaking havoc in our society. The federal government must start fulfilling its Constitutional obligation to defend America against invasion.

I oppose any further amnesties or “Dream Acts.” We already had a “one-time-only” mass amnesty in 1986, and all it did was make the problem several times worse. The federal government should start upholding the best interests of law-abiding Americans, rather than pandering to illegal aliens.

Regarding America’s Welfare State, I propose to block grant to the states and phase out poverty programs such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Subsidized Housing. There is no authority in the US Constitution for the federal government to engage in charity work. The federal War on Poverty has resulted in illegitimacy, dependency, drug abuse and other crimes. Criminal street gangs are running rampant in America’s prisons and jails, subsidized housing projects, and schools. The War on Poverty has been very harmful to America, and must end.


In financial policy, I feel that we should end the Federal Reserve Board and the IRS. We should use consumption based taxes, such as tariffs, to raise revenue. We should return to using precious metals as money.


What we currently have in Washington, D.C., is a globalist tyranny. It is up to American voters to change that. "





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