Joyce Clark:
Biden: 30 Executive Orders Issued In First Week
"One of his EOs mandates that all educational institutions receiving federal funding permit biological males to join female sports teams and to use ladies’ locker rooms and restrooms. Parents, has it occurred to you that if your school, be it pre-school, elementary, middle-school, high school, etc., has a free breakfast or lunch program it is receiving federal funding? Now biological males, not just transgender, will be using girls’ bathrooms and showers. Are you comfortable with that?"
Jan. 24, 2021
Now You See Them, Poof! Now You Don’t
"Fox News reported that CNN is pressuring cable providers to drop Fox from their offerings. CNN may succeed. I stopped watching Fox months ago and began watching Newsmax and OAN. But, my God, what is happening when a cable news station that leans conservative is under attack? What about the reports of employees being fired for attending the rally at the Capitol? Or the Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, whose book deal was cancelled because he led the opposition to question the Electoral College vote tally?
Jan. 10, 2021
It’s Time To Vote: Trump Vs. Biden
"Biden is cognitively declining. I’ve seen it occur before in my parents. He exhibits ‘tells’ that I saw in my parents. I believe he is no more than a Trojan Horse filled with Progressives that will be released moving this country into Socialism should Biden win."
Oct. 25, 2020
AFFH Rule Reinstated With A Democrat Win In November
"Under the “executive orders” section of the Democratic/Biden platform, Biden would “Implement the Obama-Biden Administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule (AFFH) requiring communities receiving certain federal funding to proactively examine housing patterns and identify and address policies that have discriminatory protections.” In other words, develop and implement a plan that replaces single family housing with affordable multi-family housing or lose your federal grants." ... "As a local elected official for many years, I believe this one initiative alone is enough to destroy your neighborhood and mine."
Sep. 4, 2020


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