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"How The Epoch Times became a pro-Trump propaganda machine in an age of plague and insurrection ​​​​"

Jan. 13, 2021

How Credible Is The Epoch Times As A News Source?


"they actually publish pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. Their section “Beyond Science” promotes stories about chemtrails, UFOs, and ancient astronauts. They frequently publish articles arguing against the existence of evolution and climate change, even though both of these things are established scientific facts. The reason why mainstream news outlets do not cover the subjects The Epoch Times covers is because they are not real."
"The Epoch Times has a strong pro-Trump bias and they have repeatedly promoted pro-Trump conspiracy theories such as Spygate, a totally baseless conspiracy theory claiming that undercover operatives working for Barack Obama secretly infiltrated Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign with the intention to deliberately sabotage the campaign from within."
"One conspiracy that they have vigorously and repeatedly promoted is QAnon. If you have not heard of QAnon, here is the gist of it: According to supporters of QAnon, the world is secretly ruled by an international cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles. These Satan-worshipping pedophiles supposedly include major foreign leaders, all Democratic politicians, all mainstream journalists and new network anchors, and even liberal Hollywood celebrities. The leaders of this cabal supposedly include Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros.  Supporters of QAnon say that the only one who is intelligent and powerful enough to stop this evil cabal of pedophile Satanists is Donald J. Trump. Supposedly, Trump and his administration are secretly plotting a coup against this evil cabal. Supposedly, the day will come when there will be an event known as “The Storm” when Trump will round up all the members and supporters of the cabal—which, if you recall, supposedly includes thousands of people—and throw them in the Guantanamo Bay prison. Then they say that Trump will usher in paradise on Earth.""

-  Conclusion  -

The Epoch Times is not a credible source of factual information, nor are any of its associated media outlets. They promote pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. Nothing they report can be trusted or taken at face value.

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