Chris Seiver

  An anti-LGBT and anti-porn activist known for his wild stunts. Chris Sevier has drafted model anti-pornography legislation around the country, including in Arizona.

Arizona Republicans Kill Off Bill Requiring All Devices To Have Porn Filters
The legislation, seemingly the brainchild of an anti-LGBTQ activist, also would have allowed parents to sue anyone who helps their child bypass the internet filter. An amendment added to ensure that such lawsuits could only be filed against adults, and not other children, was added but failed to convince lawmakers to support the proposal.
Feb. 10, 2022
Man Who Sued Apple For Failing To Save Him From Porn Now Suing US Attorney General To Strike Down Section 230
"Batshit litigant and armchair legislator Chris Sevier is back! The man who once sued Apple because he could access porn from his laptop (entendre intended) is still vexing courthouses with his attempts to sue his way back into the good graces of social media platforms after being asked to leave because [taps “batshit” in opening sentence]. The man who believes the only way through his addiction to porn is to sue or legislate it into the ground has filed a lawsuit [PDF] in a Florida federal court that’s full of the insanity we’ve come to know and (well, probably not love) expect from a Sevier lawsuit."
Aug. 6, 2021
Asked To leave Oklahoma Capitol, Anti-Porn Bill Proponent Has Bizarre Past
"A man dubbed a “security concern” at the Missouri State Capitol and an alleged stalker of songwriter John Rich was escorted out of the Oklahoma State Capitol by security Feb. 2 after an altercation with a lawmaker who had declined to support a bill placing filters on electronic devices to block websites deemed to contain child pornography."
Feb. 24, 2021
Anti-Gay Advocate Who Lobbied In Kansas Now ‘Security Concern’ In Missouri Statehouse
"Chris Sevier, the anti-gay, anti-porn advocate who met with Kansas lawmakers earlier this month, has been deemed a security concern in the Missouri Capitol. Missouri Senate Administrator Patrick Baker sent out an email early Thursday morning to the entire senate and staff with the subject line “security concern” and a picture of Sevier. He said two Senate offices and one in the House of Representatives reported uncomfortable meetings with the former Tennessee lawyer. [...] “While the individual has not threatened anyone in the building, staff have described these interactions as jittery and/or suspicious,” the email read. “Please remember at any time if find you yourself in a situation which you feel uncomfortable or threatened, in the least, please take immediate steps to notify Capitol Police.” Lawmakers who saw Sevier told The Star he introduced himself as someone from the “defacto attorney general’s office” and wore a suit tucked into combat boots."
Feb. 22, 2019
Meet The Man Influencing State Lawmakers Across U.S. To File Anti-Gay, Anti-Porn Bills
"Chris Sevier has tried in several states to marry his laptop—as a way of publicizing his opposition to same sex marriage. He once sued Apple for failing to block adult websites, claiming it led to a porn addiction that destroyed his marriage."
Feb. 19, 2019
What We Know About The Lafayette Drag Queen Story Time Lawsuit
"The man who filed a federal lawsuit in south Louisiana on Wednesday seeking to stop Lafayette’s Drag Queen Story Time has been accused of stalking, has a record of filing unorthodox suits and is not licensed to practice law in Louisiana. The suit alleges that the event violates the First Amendment and asks a judge to prevent the program from taking place on Oct. 6. If the event goes on, plaintiffs ask for a rebuttal period to discuss sex and gender issues. Attorney Christopher Sevier filed the suit on behalf of Warriors for Christ and Special Forces of Liberty. [...] In his lawsuit over the Lafayette Public Library’s first Drag Queen Story Time, Sevier references the situation and wrote that he sued the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility “for unethically targeting him because he is a Christian and a whistleblower.” “The Tennessee Supreme Court hatched a reprisal plan to shut him up by abusing the mental health profession,” he wrote in the Lafayette suit."
Sep. 20, 2018
Inside The Troubling History Of Chris Sevier, The Anti-Gay Activist Who Wants To Marry His Laptop
You may have heard the news that a U.S. District Court in Utah just dismissed a lawsuit by a man looking to marry a laptop because, among other reasons, his laptop wasn’t 15 years old and thus hadn’t reached the legal age of consent. Judges ultimately dismissed the lawsuit because its plaintiff had only filed it as a way to challenge the 2015 Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in the U.S.. Though the laptop-lover has promised to appeal the ruling, he’s actually an anti-gay activist named Chris Sevier who has filed similar lawsuits in Florida and Texas.
Mar. 20, 2018
The Man Who Wants To Tax Porn Thinks His Past Assault Case Is "Fake News"
"Sevier has a warrant out for his arrest in Tennessee for failure to appear at criminal contempt proceedings. Sevier had failed to pay child support and violated a restraining order by communicating with his former wife. The restraining order stems from Sevier’s 2011 arrest and conviction for assaulting his father-in-law during a fight over a visitation rights of his then-7-month-old son, whom Sevier tried to take during a supervised visit. Sevier’s baby was also injured in the altercation and taken to the ER. Sevier said he hadn’t heard of the warrant, denied facing any penalty for the assault, and said his legal woes were because he was “subject to a fake prosecutorial campaign” in Tennessee and Texas, waged in part due to his Christian faith."
May 5, 2017
Attorneys In Same-Sex Marriage Suit Seek Ouster Of Intervening Attorney
"Supporters and foes of a same-sex marriage lawsuit playing out in federal court here finally found a point of agreement: They don't want the case expanded to decide if there's a constitutional right to marry an inanimate object. Attorneys for both sides filed a joint motion asking U.S. District Court Judge John Sedwick to reject the motion to intervene filed by Chris Sevier. They said the issues they are litigating — the rights of same-sex couples to marry and the rights of survivors of same-sex relationships — has nothing to do with whether Sevier can marry a pillow or even an animal. What that means, the lawyers told Sedwick, is that the outcome of this lawsuit won't affect Sevier's rights. But Sevier, a lawyer whose right to practice was suspended in Tennessee, said his rights are precisely at issue."
May 7, 2014

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