The Center for Family & Human Rights


"The Center for Family and Human Rights, known as C-FAM, was founded in 1997 as an apparent “front” organization for the scandal-ridden group Human Life International. However, the group largely functions as a personal soapbox for C-FAM President Austin Ruse to spew hatred and lies. Ruse spreads white supremacy, anti-LGBTQ hate, and anti-woman lies on a through C-FAM’s platform. C-FAM has influence over the United Nation’s approach to human rights, which has only grown under the Trump administration: Ruse advised Trump’s 2016 campaign, and C-FAM has been rewarded with direct access to the State Department. The State Department named C-FAM an emissary to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and has provided the United States’ UN representatives with talking points meant to undermine women and LGBTQ persons’ rights internationally. More concerningly, C-FAM has pushed the State Department to ally with autocratic regimes in an attempt to restrict women’s and LGBTQ rights at the UN."


Revealed: The Fringe Rightwing Group Changing The UN Agenda On Abortion Rights
"Last spring, Laurie Shestack Phipps, a diplomat at the US mission to the UN, received a set of talking points from the state department before an international women’s conference, setting out clear red lines against mention of “sexual and reproductive health” care. This had become the norm in the Trump administration, where the once uncontroversial phrase was seen as code for abortion. Use of the word “gender” was also strongly discouraged, as it was viewed as a stalking horse for LGBT rights. It was no surprise that Phipps’ colleague, Bethany Kozma, a political appointee at the US agency for international development, had the same text. What was shocking was that she heard exactly the same words coming from the Yemeni spokesman for the Arab Group. Most striking of all – the shared script was already familiar. It had been circulated before the conference by an anti-abortion lobbying group called the Center for Family and Human Rights, or C-Fam. C-Fam has emerged from the extreme right fringe on abortion, sexual orientation and gender identity to become a powerful player behind the scenes at the UN."
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