Craig Brittain

"Thirty-three-year-old Craig Brittain — whose site posted nude photos of women without their consent and extorted between $200 and $500 to remove them, leading to a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission — wants to be Arizona's next U.S. Senator. He's begging for an endorsement from President Donald Trump. He's attempted to scrub Google results about his revenge-porn past. Bizarrely, he and a colleague created a competitor to Uber called Dryvyng. And in the course of his life online, Brittain has posted some truly insane stuff:
• An event featuring Snoop Dogg and Tucker Carlson that looks an awful lot like a wire fraud scheme.
• Racial slurs and abuse directed toward others on Twitter and Facebook.
• Some run-of-the-mill conspiracy theories involving Twitter verification, the FBI, and Hillary Clinton."

Jan. 10, 2022, Photos: Facebook

Apr. 28, 2021, Photos: Facebook  Source

Apr. 27, 2021, Source

Mar 16, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

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