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Stonewall Democrats Issue Endorsements For Primary

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First Posted: 17 - Jul. 30, 2014

By: Robert Rowley, Guest Columnist

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Tucson -- A group of Arizona LGBT Democrats has announced endorsements for the Aug. 26 state Primary election.  The Arizona Stonewall Democrats formed earlier this year after the group was dormant for a couple of years, according to Robert Rowley, of Tucson, leader of the group.  He said the group of about 50 members registered as a political action committee in April.

Rowley said Stonewall Democrats made its endorsements after scoring an equality survey that was sent to all the candidates seeking election.

In a few races, the endorsements by the Stonewall Democrats were different from endorsements made earlier by Equality Arizona, a statewide LGBT human rights group.  A notable difference was in the District 24 House race in central Phoenix, where Stonewall endorsed Ken Clark rather than Rich Bauer, Equality Arizona's choice.

The Stonewall Endorsements:

Governor: Fred DuVal

Attorney General: Felecia Rotellini

Secretary of State: Terry Goddard

Superintendent of Public Instruction: David Garcia

Corporation Commission: Jim Holway and Sandra Kennedy

LD2 House: Demion Clinco

LD3 Senate: Olivia Cajero Bedford

LD8 Senate: Barbara McGuire

LD9 House: Randall Freise and Victoria Steele

LD10 Senate: David Bradley

LD10 House: Stefanie Mach and Bruce Wheeler

LD11 Senate: Jo Holt

LD11 House: Holly Lyon

LD13 Senate: Terri Woodmansee

LD16 Senate: Scott Prior

LD16 House: Cara Prior

LD17 Senate: Kristie O'Brien

LD18 Senate: Janie Hydrick

LD19 Senate: Lupe Chavira Contreras

LD20 Senate: Patty Kennedy

LD21 Senate: Carolyn Vasko

LD22 House: Larry Woods

LD24 Senate: Katie Hobbs

LD24 House: Lela Alston and Ken Clark

LD26 House: Norma Numoz and Rebecca Rios

LD27 Senate: Aaron Marquez

LD29 Senate: Martin J. Quezada

LD29 House: Ceci Velasquez

LD30 House: Debbie McCune Davis


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