PRESS RELEASE: Erroneous Bauer Mailer From Gila River Indian Community

21 August, 2014


On Thursday, August 21 Stonewall Democrats of Arizona was made aware of the above mailer that had been sent to voters in LD-24. 

This mailer was sent out with a return address of "The Gila River Indian Community" with a post office box in Sacaton, Arizona.

THIS MAILER IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE in regards Rich Bauer.  Stonewall Democrats of Arizona do very proudly endorse Lela Alston however, we do NOT endorse or support Rich Bauer or his campaign in any way, shape or form and have for months endorsed Ken Clark for LD-24 House.

Further, this mailer lists Mr. Bauer as being endorsed by Arizona List.  This is obviously a blatant lie in that Arizona List endorses only female candidates.

Stonewall would encourage voters to elect Lela Alston and Ken Clark to the Arizona House of Representatives LD-24.  Stonewall endorsed Ken because the man has been there for us all for over ten years.  Ken Clark has been very active in several aspects of the Phoenix community and, more importantly, been there and fought for equal rights across the board.  Women's rights, education, immigrant rights, LGBT -- Ken stands for and has fought for all of us and deserves your vote.  Conversely, Mr. Bauer, despite the dark money groups supporting him, has done nothing for equality in Arizona, the man hasn't even bothered to vote in more than 5 elections in the past twenty years.

Stonewall Democrats of Arizona strongly and enthusiastically endorse Lela Alston and Ken Clark for House LD-24 and demand the "Gila River Indian Community" correct this error.