Become an Arizona Democratic Party Precinct Committeeperson!


What is a Precinct Committeeperson?

A Committeeperson (man or woman) represents the Democratic Party on behalf of their specific precinct. (For this reason, the Committeeperson is often referred to as a Precinct Committeeperson or PC.) An elected or appointed Democratic Committeeperson also serves as a member of the county Democrat Committee in the county in which they live.


PC Job Description:

The Precinct Committeeperson (PC) serves as the main communication source between the Arizona Democratic Party and current and future Democrats in his or her precinct. The PC is charged with connecting the people in the precinct to the Democratic Party, and the Party to the People. The precinct committeeperson is responsible for filling the roles that follow, keeping in mind that it is okay to begin slowly; filling one or two at the start. Your district or county chair is always available to provide support and answer questions. Remember, you are providing a wonderful service to the Party and to your community. Have fun!


PC Qualifications:

1. Any registered Democrat is eligible to become a PC in the precinct in which he or she lives.

2. All you need is heart and the desire to roll up your sleeves to help achieve Democratic victories.

One becomes a Democratic PC by:

Appointment: Most PCs start out as appointed PCs because state elections are only held every two years. It is very easy to apply for the PC position; it requires that you complete a short form, which is then voted on at a regular District/County Party meeting. Your County or Legislative District Chair or officers will assist you in the process. The County Party then recommends you to the Board of Supervisors, who in turn officially appoints you as a Precinct Committeeperson after simply verifying your voter registration and precinct.

While there is a limit to the number of PCs per precinct (based on voter registration), there is no limit to the number of Assistant Precinct Committeepersons who may be appointed by the District/County Party. Assistant PCs participate in the party organization and may vote in county, district, and precinct matters except for the election of officers at the biennial District and County re-organization meetings.

Ballot Election: During the primary election of even years, Democrats in your precinct elect one committeeperson, plus one additional PC for each 125 Democratic voters registered in the precinct. To become an elected PC, you must:

1. Complete the Affidavit for Nomination with the County Registrar (Your District Chair, County Chair or County Elections Board will have this). The Affidavits for some counties can be downloaded below:

2. Download and print the "Partisan Nomination Petition" (above) and collect the required number of valid signatures from Democrats in your precinct. Typically, this means having to collect about 10 signatures, including your own. Your District Chair, County Chair or County Elections Board will be able to supply you with a list of registered Democrats in your precinct. ONLY registered Democrats may sign your petition.

3. Your name will be placed on the Primary Election Ballot, unless there is no need due to the seat being uncontested.

Note: If you did not file your nomination petition in time you can also fill out a Write-in Candidate form. For election as a write-in, you will need as many write-in votes as you would have needed signatures on your nominating petition.


Important Candidate Filing dates:

 First Day to File. . . April 30, 2018 (Monday)
 Last Day to File. . . May 30, 2018 (Wednesday) at 5:00 p.m.
PC Term of Office:

All PC terms run from the Primary Election of an even year to the Primary Election two years later.

There are a couple of key advantages to being a ballot-elected PC:

• Elected PCs are able to vote at meetings of their Legislative District.

• Elected PCs are eligible to run for the State Committee and for District, County, and State Party offices at the biennial reorganization meetings.

• Elected PCs count towards each Legislative District’s quota of State Committee members. (State Committee is one of the governing bodies of the State Party, helps determine Party policy and platforms and is responsible for electing State Party leaders.)


I’m a PC! What's next?

  • Attend a PC Workshop! Call a district office to inquire about upcoming workshops!

  • Attend your Legislative District meetings. Most LDs meet monthly. You can find more information by visiting your LD’s page.

  • Volunteer! Contact a club, caucus or candidate that interests you and ask how you can help! If you need assistance finding the right volunteer path for you, please call your local Democratic office or representative. Most county party offices also sends out regular newsletters with many interesting and fun volunteer activities.


RECOMMENDED READING (Downloadable pdf):

2017 PC Handbook and Resource Guide - From the Pima County Democratic Party

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