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"What If 50,000 LGBT Arizonans Voted In
The General Election?"
"The Observer Weekly"
First Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2014
By: Robert Rowley, Guest Columnist

Arizona’s Primary election is fast approaching.  This coming Tuesday, August 26th, is the date Arizona voters will decide who the candidates will be going in to the 2014 General election.

Early ballots are out and, if you have one, please remember to fill it out and mail it in today.

Not yet registered to vote or not sure of your voting status?  You have till October 6th to register to vote in this years General election and both registering and correcting your registration is easy.  Just go to and click on the “Voter Registration” button.  Are you registered to vote but maybe moved since you registered?  You’ll need to update your registration for your vote to count.

One of the things most commonly heard about voting these days seems to be “why bother voting? My vote doesn’t matter anyway”.  This statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Because more people don’t vote in Arizona we have 1062, 1070, attacks on ethnic studies, attacks on women’s health rights, attacks on the poor, attacks on our educational system and attacks on migrants.

Those who don’t vote are the reason Arizona remains a “Red” state that continues to pop up on “The Family Guy” and “Jon Stewart” in negative ways.

Why should you vote?  If Arizona elects just two more Democrats to the State Senate we’ll have a tie, 15 Democrats, 15 Republicans.  Imagine for a moment an Arizona with a Democratic Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General PLUS Democrats holding 50% of the Senate.

Arizona may not turn into a “Blue” state -- not yet anyway, but it will be a far more level playing field in regards equality and basic human rights.

One more thing to consider: if Alfred Kinsey, developer of the “Kinsey Scale” was correct, there are over 100,000 LGBT people in Arizona.  What would happen if even half of us were not only registered but also voted?  That's 50,000 LGBT votes -- votes for equality -- added into the mix!

Below is a list of candidates that the Stonewall Democrats of Arizona enthusiastically endorse:


U.S. House of Representatives:

CD-3: Raul Grijalva

CD-5: James Woods

CD-7: Ruben Gallego

CD-9: Kyrsten Sinema


Governor:  Fred DuVal

Secretary of State:  Terry Goddard

Attorney General:  Felecia Rotellini

Superintendent of Public Education:  David Garcia

Corporation Commission:  Jim Holway

                                            Sandra Kennedy


State Senate:

LD-3:   Olivia Cajero-Bedford

LD-8:   Barbara McGuire

LD-10: David Bradley

LD-11: Jo Holt

LD-13: Terri Woodmansee

LD-16: Scott Prior

LD-17: Kristie O’Brien

LD-18: Janie Hydrick

LD-19: Lupe Chavira Contreras

LD-20: Patty Kennedy

LD-21: Carolyn Vasko

LD-22: Arky Muscato

LD-24: Katie Hobbs

LD:27: Aaron Marquez

LD-29: Martin Quezada


Arizona House of Representatives:

LD-2:   Demion Clinko

            Rosanna Gabaldon

LD-4:   Charlene Fernandez

LD-6:   Lanny Morrison

LD-9:   Randy Friese

            Victoria Steele

LD-10: Stefanie Mach

            Bruce Wheeler

LD-11: Holly Lyon

LD-16: Cara Prior

LD-19: Mark Cardenas

            Diego Espinoza

LD-20: Amy Schwabenlender

LD-21: Esther Duran Lumm

LD-22: Larry Woods

LD-24: Lela Alston

            Ken Clark

LD-26: Juan Jose Mendez

LD-27: Norma Munoz

             Rebecca Rios

LD-29: Richard Andrade

            Ceci Velasquez

LD-30: Debbie McCune-Davis


For more information on not only those candidates we endorse but all candidates, and to learn more about Stonewall please visit our website at


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