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"Equality Survey in from Stonewall Dems"

First Posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2014

By: Robert Rowley, Stonewall Democrats


Over the past several weeks Stonewall Democrats of Arizona has been working on its 2014 Primary Candidates Equality Survey.

The survey consists of six questions, answerable in short paragraph format with topics mostly covering LGBT issues but also including such topics as education and health care.

The number of candidates returning the survey has been quite high and so its been taking some time to evaluate the surveys and determine who Stonewall would endorse.  Several factors are considered before an endorsement is made; just getting a survey back from a candidate does not qualify them for endorsement.

Beyond the candidate's answers Stonewall conducted many interviews and calls,  reviewed voting records and positions and looked into the candidates' political involvement with different clubs and organizations.  During our busiest day of vetting, thirty different candidates were spoken with.

While Stonewall is still reviewing surveys and will be making further endorsements, here is the first wave:

Governor - Fred DuVal

Secretary of State - Terry Goddard

Attorney General - Felecia Rotellini

Superintendent of Public Instruction - David Garcia

Corporation Commission - Jim Holway and Sandra Kennedy

Senate, LD-3 - Olivia Cajero-Bedford

Senate, LD-8 - Barbara McGuire

Senate, LD-10 - David Bradley

Senate, LD-11 - Jo Holt

Senate, LD-16 - Scott Prior

Senate, LD-17 - Kristie O'Brien

Senate, LD-18 - Janie Hydrick

Senate, LD-19 - Lupe Chavira Contreras

Senate, LD-20 - Patty Kennedy

Senate, LD-21 - Carolyn Vasko

Senate, LD-24 - Katie Hobbs

Senate, LD-27 - Aaron Marquez

Senate, LD-29 - Martin Quezada

Representative, LD-3 - Demion Clinko

Representative, LD-9 - Victoria Steele and Randy Friese

Representative, LD-10 - Stefanie Mach and Bruce Wheeler

Representative, LD-11 - Holly Lyon

Representative, LD-16 - Cara Prior

Representative, LD-20 - Amy Schwabenlender

Representative, LD-24 - Lela Alston and Ken Clark

Representative, LD-30 - Debbie McCune-Davis


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